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Guzik Spinstand

Guzik Spinstand
Spinstand by Guzik

Many universities, research and development organisations and some data recovery companies use the Guzik Spinstand for R&D however its ability to perform any commercial data recovery has never been proven.

Some Data Recovery companies in the UK claim to perform data recovery using Spinstand.

A more practicable method of imaging a hard disk drive is provided by hardware produced by data recovery equipment such as Acelabs, Atola, Deepspar and  SalvationData.
Guzik Technical Enterprises provides advanced test solutions to the disk
drive industry, as well as waveform acquisition tools and modular instruments
for demanding ATE and OEM applications in avionics, signal intelligence,
military electronics, physics, astronomy, semiconductors, and a variety of
other disciplines. The company is based in Mountain View, California.

(c) 2009 by Guzik Technical Enterprises. All rights reserved.

Customer Contact:   Guzik Technical Enterprises     Main: +1-650-625-8000
                                                        FAX:  +1-650-625-9325

    Website:            www.guzik.com


The company is constantly creating new options and accessories to ensure measurement and analysis needs are met today and in the future.

Guzik Introduces the WDM 5044 Waveform Digitizer

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Guzik Technical Enterprises today announced the availability of their new WDM 5044 Waveform Digitizer, which provides up to 6 GHz waveform capture and analysis bandwidth in a display-less rack-mounted format.

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