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Get Safe Online - Reporting Online Scams

Get Safe Online - Reporting Online Scams
Get Safe Online - one reason to choose a trusted online data recovery service :- 


BEWARE OF PAPERMILL SCAMS - Data Recovery - Quickie Divorce-  Fast Track Divorce, Rapid Track Data, Industrial Tribunals - Will Writing - Payment Protection Insurance Claims - Lush Dates, Visa Applications,Online CV's, Computer Forensics. Debt Management and Car Parking Fine Collections

 Since this article was first written Fields have been settling out of court with many who have realised they were defrauded, they have also been posting fake data recovery reviews and review websites. Worse they have bullied and attacked their victims to the point of harrassment, lets hope the Judge re-instates the data-recovery-blog.com forum for the victims of Fields Data Recovery.,

I too was awarded an extra-ordinary damages payment after Fields attempted to use their "in house legal team" to bring a vexatious claim against me. read "
have you been mulcted"

Fields solicitor stated in court to the Judge that Fields have :- " a good working relationship with Bridgend Trading Standards going back 5 years"    what an extra-ordinary claim to make !

So how much would a corporation spend to cover up a £224 con ? £10,000 maybe £100,000  Unfortunately they will after all they are also an Injunction Serving company and bully anyone who spots their scams.

For those of you have been on the receiving end of the Fields Data Recovery scam it may come as no surprise that Fields still cannot recover drives that their expensive forensic reports or leading data recovery experts say are beyond recovery yet other labs recover.  

Most will never know how they were defrauded...
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Beware of  operations that have been exposed for charging hundreds of pounds for fake reports detailing why a recovery is not possible. when often the drives are recoverable. hence the term coined by their victims of "papermill scam".


If you suspect you have been defrauded contact trading standards and ask for advice.

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get_safe_online_sponsors_hmgovernment_sm.gif Get Safe Online is a joint initiative between the Government, law enforcement, leading businesses and the public sector. Our aim is to provide computer users and small businesses with free, independent, user-friendly advice that will allow them to use the internet confidently, safely and securely.  Protect your Privacy