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Fragmented Hard Drive

Fragmented Hard Drive
What is A Fragmented Hard Drive?

A hard drive consists of a number of different blocks and sectors and this is where your data is actually stored. When you write data to the drive rather than place the data in s predetermined position the data is dropped almost randomly over the entire platter or multiple platters in large hard drives.


To exacerbate matters a single file can consist of a number of individual pieces of information that are scattered around and when you query the drive for the information the drive heads have to visit multiple sectors of the drive to pick up the full file.

This is in effect like cutting up your credit card and scattering the individual pieces around the house, if you go on line to make a purchase you would then have to run round the house to collect all the individual pieces of your card in order to make payment (get the file you need).

In hard drive terms this is called a fragmented hard drive sometimes referred to as data fragmentation..


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