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File Recovery

R3 - Data Recovery - R3Cover - Professional Data Recovery .


R3 Data Recovery Ltd has been developed by Andy Butler to offer Fixed Pricing- No Data No Fee hard drive repair, memory stick and Server RAID recovery .
R3 Data Recovery brings the highest possible success rates for hard drive repair to UK consumers.
R3 supports several data recovery companies and a nationwide network of IT support professionals .

Along with a team of passionate data recovery specialists Andy has developed a range of fixed cost, fair price data recovery services which have helped over 10,000 consumers and businesses since 2005.

This compliments his companies RAID, Server disaster, and computer forensics data recovery services. Giving his companies the capacity to support a national
network of IT Support professionals.

Andy and his team recover data declared unrecoverable on a daily basis, and achieve enviable success rates which are the best available in the UK.

His operations image and recover servers and NAS quickly and cost effectively whilst still providing low cost hard drive repair for home users and students.

Emergency data recovery is our speciality, RAID arrays, hard disk drives, memory sticks or memory cards are all recovered by Andy and the team at R3 -
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R3 Data Recovery offers a one stop solution for data recovery.

Andys company provide resellers and IT professionals with fixed price data recovery of hard disk drives, server Raid arrays and memory sticks /flash memory.

His team provides post disaster recovery and SSD data recovery services.

Use the contact form below or call 0800 999 3282 for a fixed price no obligation quotation.


Business and home user hard drive repair, usb stick and flash memory card recovery, RAID and disaster recovery services.

Free Assessment No Data No Fee
0800 999 3282

Nationwide suppliers of professional data recovery and disaster recovery services.

Friendly and reliable service - ISO-3 Rated clean room, High Capacity Imaging. Sensible Pricing.

Use the contact form to get a free assesment, no obligation quotation.


File Recovery Companies
- Losing a file or even accidentally deleting a file can be a major cause of concern but companies offering a file recovery service will be well versed with almost all lost file scenarios so its unusual to surprise them.

File recovery services will include data retrieval from many forms of media including Cd's, USB devices and all forms of storage media from hard drives to solid state drives (ssds).


Corrupt files are a common problem across many platforms and operation systems and files types could include windows formats such as NTFS & Fat, Apple formats such as MFS, UFS, HFS as well as a plethora of other file formats including variants of Unix and Linux.

File recovery can even be achieved from formatted and deleted partitions as long as strict protocols are adhered to.

If you are considering using file recovery software please be aware that you could render your data irrecoverable if used incorrectly so this should only be attempted where total data loss would be acceptable. Speak to an expert they will advise you on the best file recovery options available to you.

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Hard drive recovery, memory stick repair, RAID array rescue, and Solid state device (SSD) data recovery.