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Fields Rapid Data Recovery Specialists

Fields Rapid Data Recovery Specialists

To understand why datarecoverycompanies.co.uk was registered and established you would need to be in the DR Industry or do some research on similar named websites setup in the past by those associated with the Fields Group.

Those of you who follow these posts be sure that you too do not fall foul of Fields latest attempts to undermine competitors and PPC abuse. I have caught the IP Addresses used by some Fields staff and obviously cannot post too much.

If you are a past client of Rapid Data, Fields Data Recovery or their Associates and believe you have been a victim of Fields or you have fallen foul of their fake reports and poor success rates get a second opinion from Andy Butler and his team at R3 Data Recovery Ltd --  

Andy has helped hundred of victims of fields and has been victim of their attacks for nearly 10 Years not realising for the first few years that he was under attack, many competitors do not realise how Fields Group uses Welsh and European grants to operate its HQ out of Thailand and it main operations in an unemployment blackspot and suicide capital of the UK - Bridgend.

Unfortunately Fields staff do not like that we help their victims.  Fields Associates / Fields Data Recovery Staff have attempted to damage their main competitors through Fake review sites, fake reviews and deliberate PPC abuse and click fraud. 

In the past with comparedatarecovery and data-recovery-companies they did their best to cover up their defrauding of consumers by spending hundreds of thousands of pounds of welsh assembly and European grant assistance to create jobs in Bridgend selling paper and scams and trying to set up as a pseudo law firm.

The original attempt to dominate Adwords was through comparedatarecovery.co.uk  this domain along with others have since been bought by Andy as they get abandoned.


Their latest competitor attacks are PPC and various types of phone enquiries asking about competitors and the consolidations in the market. But also uploading fake reviews and even posting fake reviews in the names of customers without their permission often  with glowing reviews contrary to their clients actual experience especially on Truspilot.

Fields operate under various names in the UK

Fields Associates
Fields Data Recovery
Rapid Data Recovery
Rapid Data
Data Recovery Specialists(A Field's Group member)

A recent attack AGAINST THEIR MAIN ONLINE COMPETITOR was on PPC adwords and reviews.co.uk

An internet search soon found the UK Sales managers name associated with a car dealership taking deposits on cars still under finance agreements and not refunding. http://www.honestjohn.co.uk/forum/post/index.htm?t=97219 

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Well, my account manager was not professional, the costs quoted wasn't compared to the work involved. My drive was returned damaged because I declined! Thanks Dave!

2016-06-23 13:37:12

IP address location & more:
IP address : contact Andy at R3 IF you have been victim of Fields  / UKDS,net click fraud.
IP country code: GB
IP address country:  United Kingdom
IP address state: Bridgend
IP address city: Bridgend
IP postcode: CF31
IP address latitude: 51.5058
IP address longitude: -3.5772