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Fields Group

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The Fields Group has been exposed for defrauding consumers through various divisions over the last 5 years with amounts for between £224 to £2940 routinely reported.

They are involved in various get rich quick online businesses from writing wills, visa applications, quickie divorces, industrial tribunals, debt management, PPIclaims and many more such as data recovery and computer forensic investigations.
The Fields Group stated it is commencing moving its service provision to a non group company Fields South East Asia Co Ltd based in Bangkok Thailand.

Is this in response to the exposing of the number of complaints, data recovery and action direct scams

With over 570 complaints lodged with Trading Standards in Bridgend Wales from UK consumers the Fields Group has claimed in court to have a good working relationship with Trading Standards which is a remarkable statement for their in house solicitor to state to a Judge.

Consumers in the European and North American markets as well as UK businesses are not able to have complaints investigated by TS. Now Indonesia, The Phillipines and Thailand are prime candidates for the Fields and Rapid Data Scams

The level of complaints is even more remarkable when you consider Fields have a full time complaints department. The Fields Group also have in house solicitors and ISO 9001 Accreditation, underpinned by substantial Welsh governement grants.

So why do they need to sell fake data recovery reports ?, And does their Injunction Direct operation really issue 2500 injunctions a year  --- Thats a lot of paper !. 

The Fields Group and Associated companies and Brands are not endorsed by The DRC Directory.  Sections of the directory are helping the victims of the Fields Data Recovery Scams understand how they have been defrauded.  

Searches for complaints and reviews about other associated Fields Group operations such as Action Direct UK, Fields Associates, Quickie Divorce, Smart B2B also result in visitors to the site and confirm the level of interest which this group attracts from it numerous victims.

Dr Daryl Hamilton Wallis  - Now Professor Daryl H Wallis has threatened everyone who discusses his companies scams. His Injunction Direct operations have even been used to serve papers on anyone he suspects as posting on www.data-recovery-blog.com . But what do these experts have to hide ?


The DRC Directory has numerous articles and news reports about the problems facing the data recovery industry in the UK and Worldwide.
The data recovery market has fallen prey to a sophisticated and well financed scam which has also attracted Welsh Assembly grants using Tax Payers money to defraud mislead and even damage their victims financially.
Consumers and competitors who complain, are often abused and either threatened financially, legally or even physically .
The information below is provided to help those left wondering if they were defrauded by a well rehearsed team of salespeople, Unfortunately the answer is possibly, most will not realise they were part of a systematic and well organised method of extracting money from the unsuspecting. Those that do realise and complain have found their compalints fell on deaf ears until hundreds of victims found a place on www.data-recovery-blog.com to share their experiences.


The papermill  / document spooling services  provided by the Fields Group for Will Writing, Quickie / Managed Divorces and numerous web based services provided by those  claiming to be  expert in everything.  Many of the operations attract complaints and Rapid Data aka Fields Data Recovery is known or selling fake data recovery reports.
rgl_quickiedivorce.jpg richardglewis_tribunal_online.jpg richard_glyn_lewis_marketing_guru.jpg 

From data recovery to conveyancing,  writing CVs and applying for a Visa,  to providing sugar daddies for susceptable young women or collecting private car park fines the Fields Group are "expert" at them all...  But just how were so many websites financed ?

(For a extensive list of the Fields Group companies and websites scroll down )

Beware of Internet Scams ! and always look for reviews and testimonials from trusted sources. Be wary of any fake reviews and endorsements.

These are not the just the words of a competitor these are the words of their victims which include competitors who have also been affected by these "experts in e-warfare" "network security" and "ethical hacking"

This article is awaiting an update pending the legal challenge / gagging order issued by the Fields Group against the data recovery scams victims forum www.data-recovery-blog.com 

Mark Lewis (NOW mobile phone hacking scandal) is defending the victims forum which is subject of a "Super Injunction" ?.


Data Recovery Scam victims will soon be able to find out just how far the Fields Group were willing to go to cover up the Fields data recovery scam

Always check that the company you entrust your data, personal information and credit card details to, is more than just a slick marketing machine designed to sell you a document,  often for much more than you might at first expect.

The Fields Group    fields-data-recovery.co.uk

Other Fields Group Papermill  / Document Spooling  information

More information on what actual clients claim are  Data Recovery Scams  -  Dataphoenix, rapid data, rapid data recovery and fields data recovery which all send their enquiries to Fields Associates Ltd.

Fields Data Recovery claim to have been in data recovery since 1993 but were unknown before 2001 -  there is no trading history to confirm this .

"The Fields Group has a number of divisions specialising in computer forensics, data recovery, conversion and security. Established in 2001 with just three people, the company now has 200 staff ?.

The DRC Directory has been unable to verify if Fields Data Recovery has a certified ISO-4 clean room as claimed in their reports and marketing.

The number of CCJ's and out of court settlements to consumers affected by the Fields Group is extraordinary for an ISO9001 accredited company.

Fields Associates Chairman Dr D Hamilton Wallis is an expert witness according to Sweet and Maxwell Richard Glyn Lewis is an "Internet Marketing Guru"


Never run data recovery software on a hard disk drive that is damaged, faulty or degrading.

Warning :- Fields data recovery routinely charges in excess of 1000 euros for an unsuccessful software recovery and in the process risk damaging the data and the storage device.

Have you been sold a fake data recovery report, need help ? visit www.data-recovery-blog.com or use the contact form below
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