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Fields Data Recovery - Rapid Data Recovery - Dataphoenix Adwords Domination Ensures Sector Domination Through Unrelenting Growth-scam

Fields Data Recovery  - Rapid Data Recovery - Dataphoenix Adwords Domination Ensures Sector Domination Through Unrelenting Growth-scam
Many data recovery companies use the internet to promote themselves.

Following an earlier article on Internet Scams and Data Recovery

When conducting an inquest into the negligent actions of a group of companies involved in data recovery scams how do you educate consumers and Data recovery resellers on how to prevent being scammed again.


Fields Group will say these "rants" are written by a hostile competitor.

Ab - so - lute- ly !!

My company and others are also victims of Fields Groups sector domination but not because they are better, just that they are better funded and they have a well rehearsed ISO 9001 SCAM pumping money through to their operations in Thailand.

My name is Andy Butler former Director of abc Data Recovery and I set out to build the UK's most productive data recovery lab with a team of technicians able to provide the highest recovery rates possible at realistic costs - and I achieved that.

Unfortunately in helping others my company sufferred after I was assaulted and seriously injured.

I realised Fields Data Recovery "forensic" reports were fake and designed to defraud consumers on an industrial scale, what I found was far more sinister.

Very few have been willing to take on a government grant funded corporation which uses the UK Legal System for malicious, vexatious and costly court cases and High Court Injunctions to bully their clients and detractors.

I have continued to help the victims, where I went wrong was not realising how far these corporate conmen would go to cover up what they have been up to .

Here is a link to my convoluted story and why I too am in recovery mode :-
" A Hard drive broke my back "

 Since this article was first written Fields have been settling out of court with many who have realised they were defrauded, they have also been posting fake data recovery reviews and review websites. Worse they have bullied and attacked their victims to the point of harrassment, lets hope the Judge re-instates the data-recovery-blog.com forum for the victims of Fields Data Recovery.,

I too was awarded an extra-ordinary damages award after Fields attempted to use their "in house legal team" to bring a vexatious claim against me. read "
have you been mulcted"

Fields solicitor stated in court to the Judge that Fields have :- " a good working relationship with Bridgend Trading Standards going back 5 years"    what an extra-ordinary claim to make !

For those of you have been on the receiving end of the Fields Data Recovery scam it may come as no surprise that Fields still cannot recover drives that their expensive forensic reports or leading data recovery experts say are beyond recovery yet other labs recover.  

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Without a court ruling from a judge it is unlikely that anything will be achieved quickly but current developments show that an apparently smaller local data recovery company can defend itself against the rogue data recovery companies and help save some consumers from data recovery scams.

 Fields Data Recovery / Rapid Data Recovery continues to attract attention yet competitors feel powerless to intervene.

Fields experts have a track record in scams and bullying using their injunction serving skills to fighten anyone who complains. This does not need proving, the evidence is copious.,

Reality is it will take a substantial court case to expose the full extent of the scam and bring it to the attention of the authorities for criminal proceedings.
If a consumer records the top 3 results and asks for quotes from each is this a fair quotation system since in the below image we see that all drives will go to the same lab.

Reality is I have seen one report where a consumer sent their drive to one brand was charged for an unsuccessful recovery but then referred to another "brand" charged for another attempt.

After that failed the victim then went to the third choice company and was about to be charged yet again unaware that Fields Associates were happily taking fees for no recovery time and again.

The fake reports they produce have been shown to be nothing more than a FRAUD !


The natural search results for the term " data recovery companies " reveals that the PPC domination of Fields Associates Brands which has resulted in some victims of data recovery scams sending their drives to Fields 3 times believing they were differrent labs with differrent facilities.

Reality is Fields have been expodosed for claiming facilities they do not have in Germany and have attempted to mislead consumers about their competitors.

Similar papermill  scams run by Fields -  quickie divorce  

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