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Fields Data Recovery Freeindex Scam

Fields Data Recovery Freeindex Scam
Fields Data Recovery make the News again !

Since writing this article The Fields Group have been making numerous out of court settlements to avert a full Trading Standards investigation.

(Their claim in one court case that they "have a good working relationship with Bridgend Trading Standards going back 5 years" was extra-ordinary.. )

570 Complaints and 10 Interventions despite ISO9001 accreditation and a full time complaints department. 

                   Most Victims will never know how they were defrauded.

Fields made an out of court settlement to one victim for £70,000

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Many who have been following the problems in the data recovery market will no doubt have wondered how a deception could continue year in year out.

Well if you can make a lot of money from them would you not want to keep anyone from exposing what you have been up to ?.

Even rogue corporations with ISO9001 accreditiation can pay their way through legal cases and employ their own "in house" solicitor to serve papers on anyone who dares question what they have been up to or why they have maligned, defrauded or threatened consumers and competitors. ?

Afterall its their money now not yours, it says so in the T&C's and they can use it how they like.

But despite their high litigious ways they were "mulcted in costs" when they attempted to use the courts to try and bully those that they believed assisted the victims of Fields Data Recovery and Rapid Data Recovery.

There is a lot of money at stake, papermills are better at printing money than the Bank Of England...... Hmmm the royal Mint is near Pencoed Bridgend what a coincidence !.

Fields Data Recovery Ltd, Rapid Data Recovery Ltd and most of the other Ltd companies setup by Fields Group have never traded according to companies house, and after being exposed they say that they are just a trading name of Fields Associates Ltd whose head of forensics is Dr Daryl Hamilton Wallis, yet the managing director Jamie Hamilton Wallis seems to think that it is OK to ignore complaints and county court judgments brought against his companies, but expects everyone else to sit up and take notice when he fires out his legal challenges.

Fields Group will say these "rants" are written by a hostile competitor.

Ab - so - lute- ly !!

My company and others are also victims of Fields Groups sector domination but not because they are better, just that they are better funded and they have a well rehearsed ISO 9001 SCAM pumping money through to their operations in Thailand.

My name is Andy Butler former Director of abc Data Recovery and I set out to build the UK's most productive data recovery lab with a team of technicians able to provide the highest recovery rates possible at realistic costs - and I achieved that.

Unfortunately in helping others my company sufferred after I was assaulted and seriously injured.

I realised Fields Data Recovery "forensic" reports were fake and designed to defraud consumers on an industrial scale, what I found was far more sinister.

Very few have been willing to take on a government grant funded corporation which uses the UK Legal System for malicious, vexatious and costly court cases and High Court Injunctions to bully their clients and detractors.

I have continued to help the victims, where I went wrong was not realising how far these corporate conmen would go to cover up what they have been up to .

Here is a link to my convoluted story and why I too am in recovery mode :-
" A Hard drive broke my back "

The strange thing is if you call their numbers they are often answered by staff who work for  Quickie Divorce, Tribunal Action, Rapid Data, Rapid Data Recovery , DataPhoenix or Fields Data Recovery LLC.  and what is the link between Fields and PCN-UK Ltd (car park fines / clamping scam)

Fields have been exposed before in Germany, Spain, Canada and the US for making claims about their global labs based at prestigious locations around the world and charging 10 times the going rate for a software recovery by calling it a "forensic recovery" yet only recovering a few files. .  

They claim to have been in data recovery since 1992 and to have thousands of partners in the UK alone but what is the truth behind the company which claims to be owned by the most respected Forensics Investigator in the UK ?  60800 enquiries for data recovery in 2009 was impressive but where are the satisified clients ?

What became clear is that Fields Data Recovery is just one of many  papermill (document spooling - see foot of article) operations operated from Offices in  Bridgend Wales, with "virtual" offices in several countries they would appear to be a reputable operation if you believed their website and the claims they are the market leaders but look deeper and see how such a large organisation needs to post its own reviews which have now been removed from the FreeIndex website reviews of Fields Data Recovery..


They are definitely not the market leaders, they are the advertising dominators, because the profits they make from fake reports is more than genuine labs make from doing a recovery properly. How many times has Fields "forgot " to hardware clone a drive before running the recovery .?

Fields are not the only ones selling fake  reports saying the drive was not recoverable or needed much more money spending on it to be recovered, and the report often costs more than the recovery itself. For 10 sheets of A4 you pay £293.75 (proof available upon request by the courts)

So why is a company that claims to carry out 20,000 diagnostics a year able to make so much money yet there appears to be not one independant review  attesting to its competance not one company not one reputable organisation, business or individual in the last 3 years has placed an independant review on FreeIndex, or IT Professionals .

During the the week commencing 8th November suddenly many bogus testimonials began to appear on FeeIndex with glowing praise but glaring mistakes, WERE THESE REVIEWS POSTED BY UK CLIENTS. ? .......... It would seem not .

To anyone familiar with reviews and testimonials - good and bad - it was clear these were being placed deliberately to try and hide the many scathing reviews from clients who had not felt they had poor customer service, or possibly believed they should have not be charged as much as they were, No these were clients who had realised they were victims of an elaborate scam, they had boought paper not a service and the paper contained meaningless information explaining why their drive was not recoverable.

So many fake reviews were being put up night after night by Fields Data Recovery that FreeIndex took the unprecedented decision to remove their listing in its entirety.

If you are looking for a data recovery service research, research , research.

A good company with your best interests at heart as well as wanting to be profitable, will be able to show independant reviews and will campaign for improvements in their market sectors.

I can never say my company has never fallen below the standards we aim to work to, but we will always strive to better our services and maintain our commitment to ethical business practices.

Afterall would you trust your data with to any company just because they claim ISO9001 Certifcation and Investors in people status does not mean they work to the priciples of these accreditations.

Any accreditation should be earned and claiming to be the best , most cost effective , or most trusted needs to be backed by a track record, showing continual improvement and continual development.

Making repeated mistakes is sometime the sign of a problem, for any problem identified there is a solution.

Attacking the victims is not the solution, and if such "mistakes" are made year in year out at unprecidented numbers when guaged against the competition it is clear money the profits of the papermills are not being spent on improving.

Once bitten twice shy and the conmen are destroying consumer confidence in the DR Industry and reputable data recovery labs are affected by these rogues either directly or indirectly.

I for one am not willing to stand by and be rail-roaded the devil is in the detail.

Article by Andrew Butler
abc Data Recovery Ltd
Security House
Windsor Street
S4 7WB
0845 2002 845

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