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Fields Data Recovery Exposed On Germany Tv

Fields Data Recovery Exposed On Germany Tv

Fields Data Recovery Exposed On German TV

 Since this article was first written Fields have been settling out of court with many who have realised they were defrauded, they have also been posting fake data recovery reviews and review websites. Worse they have bullied and attacked their victims to the point of harrassment, lets hope the Judge re-instates the data-recovery-blog.com forum for the victims of Fields Data Recovery.,

I too was awarded an extra-ordinary damages payout after Fields attempted to use their "in house legal team" to bring a vexatious claim against me. read "
have you been mulcted"

Fields solicitor stated in court to the Judge that Fields have :- " a good working relationship with Bridgend Trading Standards going back 5 years"    what an extra-ordinary claim to make ! Well maybe not, with over 570 consumer complaints lodged by Trading Standards at Bridgend and not handled by Fields in house customer complaints department it is likely this is just a fraction compared to the businesses and International clients unable to get help from Trading Standards.

For those of you have paid for a Rapid Data or Fields Data Recovery "forensic services" report detailing why your hard drive is not recoverable get a second opinion.  

It may come as no surprise that Fields still cannot recover drives that their expensive forensic reports or leading data recovery experts say are beyond recovery yet other labs recover.  

Most will never know how they were defrauded and financed lavish lifestyles in Dubai and Thailand...

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For those looking for the article on Fields other Get Rich Quick Internet Marketing system- Read  I used Quickie Divorce

Despite many websites, forums and blogs and some competitors reporting problems with the efficacy of data recovery services provided by Fields Data Recovery, Rapid Data Recovery and Dataphoenix,  and their counterparts in Europe and North America, it is  Fields Associates Ltd who actually take the fees for "forensic services".
The Fields Group "brands" have continued to attract more complaints than any other ISO9001 data recovery service.  The mis representation,and some might say the fraudulent claims made by Fields on so many websites designed by UK Digital Solutions Ltd  has affected so many of the Fields Group clients that Fields are the only company I have ever heard tell a court "we have a very good working relationship with Trading Standards Going Back 5 Years " Thats true but 570 complaints from consumers to Bridgend Trading Standards is just the tip of the iceberg and not really something to brag about.


How many  companies do you know that take their customers and competitors to court for pointing out they have a problem ?

Selling fake data recovery reports to make up for not having the skills or resources to recover drives does a dis-service to their clients and reduces the number of enquiries the few UK based data recovery experts get to see after the Fields Papermill has often complicated the recovery if they attempt any recovery without the skills or needed.

Fields Group will say these "rants" are written by a hostile competitor.

Ab - so - lute- ly !!

My company and others are also victims of Fields Groups sector domination but not because they are better, just that they are better funded and they have a well rehearsed ISO 9001 SCAM pumping money through to their operations in Thailand.

My name is Andy Butler former Director of abc Data Recovery and I set out to build the UK's most productive data recovery lab with a team of technicians able to provide the highest recovery rates possible at realistic costs - and I achieved that.

Unfortunately in helping others my company sufferred after I was assaulted and seriously injured.

I realised Fields Data Recovery "forensic" reports were fake and designed to defraud consumers on an industrial scale, what I found was far more sinister.

Very few have been willing to take on a government grant funded corporation which uses the UK Legal System for malicious, vexatious and costly court cases and High Court Injunctions to bully their clients and detractors.

I have continued to help the victims, where I went wrong was not realising how far these corporate conmen would go to cover up what they have been up to .

Here is a link to my convoluted story and why I too am in recovery mode :-
" A Hard drive broke my back "

Anyone can buy a clean room, data recovery equipment and dabble at DR, yet Fields have the financial resources made by dominating the market and defrauding their clients..(documented proof  ) 

Fields and partners offer shoddy services and have been shown to be risking damaging drives on so many occassions it is frightening to think how many consumers do not know they have been defrauded when given a 10 page report describiung in techno babble how their drive is beyond recovery by anyone (shown to be wrong by many of their competitors time and time again) 

More information about the way this psuedo corporation operates is coming to light every month and just how did its MD setup Fields Data Recovery whilst still at school ?.. Who financed who  Quickie Divorce ?, The Welsh Assembly ? who will take responsibility for affecting competitors and creating a a pseudo corporation geared to selling any paper document for massive profits. 


Too many consumers continue to be affected by an internet marketing operation designed by an "e-warfare expert and self proclaimed internet marketing guru" to promote data recovery services, will writing, quickie divorces, dating agencies, and whose managing director was also linked to PCN-UK Ltd (car park clamping services), but actually  geared to get your money first and data as an after thought if you are lucky.

 And  the very low £97 data recovery  pricing  ?    we know  £230 and more  is charged for a meaningless 10 page report explaining why it is not possible to recover data, yet competent technicians have proven these reports to be be inaccurate, misleading and worth less than the paper they are printed on.

More complaints are reported to trading standards in the UK for Fields Group operations than for all other UK data recovery companies combined - why is this ?. Why does Fields Group Chairman and Managing Director believe being  litigeous against anyone who complains is the solution?

Why would a Judge "Mulct" Fields Group and award costs greater against them than  the small claim they brought against a competitor who exposed their methods of doing business ?

Why would there be so many CCJ's against an ISO 9001 Accredited investor in people in the first place ? 

Several County Court Judgements in the UK and now Canada.* are showing that such an operation has attempted the same misleading methods worldwide but most affected are unaware of what happened to them.

As can be seen in the video below, a software recovery is upsold as a "forensic recovery" and not very well executed, and when investigated by reporters in Germany their claims of 3 Labs in Germany is shown to be hype, in the UK Investors In People acceditiation is shown to be yet more hype, so what else is HYPE ?

You only need to read their 10 page data recovery document to realise they are lying to consumers, and articles such as this  have helped consumers who regard themselves as victims of the Fields Data Recovery Scam to get their drives back unmolested even,  if they are charged for their "Report" -  providing drives are sent back unmolested by Fields other labs can recover them at normal success rates.

Qestions have to be asked:-
Why did they malign their competitors and attempt to mislead consumers.

Why are they involved in so many review websites with fake reviews ?

Why would they take offense when a competitor takes them on and exposes what they have been doing ?

Money  Lots and Lots of it:-

The  DRC Directory states its contact details, telephone number and will correct any mistakes found in its articles unlike :- 

www.comparedatarecovery.co.uk   www.data-recovery-companies.co.uk and:-

 www.best-pick-data-recovery.com www.data-recovery-europe-blog.com
 www.clever-datarecovery-europe.com www.best-data-recovery.co.uk
 www.data-recovery-europe-review.com www.best-data-recovery-uk.com
 www.which-datarecovery-europe.com www.compare-datarecovery-europe.com
 www.uk-data-recovery-feedback.com www.best-choice-data-recovery-europe.com
 www.clever-data-recovery-uk.com www.first-class-data-recovery-uk.com
 www.SMART-DATA-RECOVERY-UK.COM www.smart-datarecovery-europe.com

Why do Fields Associates takes payment for several attempted recoveries for the same clients under different brands Dataphoenix , Rapid Data , Rapid Data Recovery, all processed by Fields Data Recovery,  yet never successfully recover any data and often leaving the drive in such a contaminated state no other labs were willing to touch anything sent to them.

Why is their target led salesforce told to dominate the client a and bully them into accepting fees or agreements they were not expecting?.

At least now Fields have been exposed they are less likely to contaminate and damage a drive before sending it back, and gives other data recovery technicians the chance to make their living.

If they do not have the parts, admit it and let someone else have the chance to recover the data, afterall thats what data recovery is about. 

In this video we see that the Fields Data Recovery  problem does not just affect the UK. Their claims of 3 laboratories in Germany was exposed on  German TV . And calls into question if all drives are sent to Bridgend how come so many are contaminated or damaged, and why are they so reluctant to return drives even if the client is willing to pay return carriage ?


We are all having to handle the problems Fields have brought to the industry and they appear unwilling or unable to admit to them

The question has to be asked why is the UK data recovery industry itself not speaking out and preventing reputable UK data recovery companies being  brought into disrepute ? 

Answer, Fear of Litigation..... Fields Associates are according to their various "brand" websites,  experts in e-warfare, computer forensics and connecting young women going through quickie divorces with Sugar Daddies and use thier own in house solicitor to fire out legal challenges at considerable expense, yet they fail to spend moeny fixing the problems they have brought upon themselves.

By exposing their actions at least consumers can make an informed decision when deciding should they believe that their recovery can be done for £97 - £195 price range which often results in nothing more than an expensive 10 page report describing the drive as being beyond recovery, yet a reputable lab will recover it without escalating the price to £1600.

The most efficient and successful labs in the world will tell you average invoicing even at contract rates for successful repair is over £250 and £500 for a full rebuild.

A sub £100 data recovery service is generally for very basic recoveries using software on fully functional, undamaged data storage devices,  which even a home user could do with the right data recovery software, yet Fields will charge for a full forensic recovery and parts even if it is for corrupt data.

Most IT companies that fail to follow safe data recovery procedures and hardware clone the drive first will  often cause  more damage to the clients drive and this seems to be the case here.

Marketing cheap prices is one thing, delivering them consistently is another, we can all subsidise a few favours and freebies for publicity but the consumer is being misled. 

Drawing attention to  Fields  damaging drives before sending them back was necessary, and future meetings with their Directors will hopefully put an end to their litigious ways.

What this fiasco has exposed were other problems with this company... that they do not care and would have you believe it is just the rant of a competitor, yet  37 complaints to trading standards show otherwise and this is just the tip of the iceberg,  why are they not dealing with complaints effectively ? Where are the 150 staff  that Fields claim to have. And it does not just involve data recovery, Fields Group operations like Quickie Divorce and Tribunal Action are attracting a lot of interest on the Martin Lewis Money Savings Expert website.

Those readers who have followed my other articles on this subject will already know I have actively sought to expose the rogues in the UK DR industry after some made claims about my company which were in-co-rrect and Fields through its connections attempted to put my company and my dedicated team of data recovery experts out of business.

We all can make mistakes but to do it on such a scale internationally and designing procedures and terms and conditions to disadvantage the unsuspecting consumer tells you something is not right.

Lets hope consumers can do the research and make an informed decision before falling for Data Recovery scams ****.

*  More on Fields Data Recovery Scams
** Here is the link to the video http://www.heise.de/ct-tv/artikel/Video-Vorsicht-Kunde-858473.html

*** Data Recovery Corp Fox News Corporation undercover video report into data recovery scams

The original Blog and forum by Rowland Ferraro have been moved after securing dozens of refunds:

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**** Victims of fields  data recovery scams    Forum of Data Phoenix Daten Rettung, Fields and Rapid data recovery clients

Article by Andrew Butler  abc Data Recovery Ltd

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