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Fields Data Recovery Court Ruling In Toronto Canada

Fields Data Recovery Court Ruling In Toronto Canada
Fields Data Recovery in Canada attract court order from Superior Court of Justice

Since writing this article The Fields Group have been making numerous out of court settlements to avert a full Trading Standards investigation.

(Their claim in one court case that they "have a good working relationship with Bridgend Trading Standards going back 5 years" was extra-ordinary.. )

571 complaints and 10 interventions is just the tip of the Iceberg.

                   Most Victims will never know how they were defrauded.

The Fields Group also lost a court case they tried to use to damage a genuine data recovery company director who  has helped many of the victims get their data back.

In isolation each incident could be explained away,  when the same incidents are exposed as happening accross the world for several years you then can understand why this is a multimillion opereration and few dare speak out about its activities.
It is shocking that Trading Standards took no notice until the victims were able to find each other through the Data Recovery Blog,  It will be interesting to see how much The Fields Group Will be willing to pay in damages to hide what they have been up to.

Fields Data Recovery have lost another court ruling after their data recovery operation in Canada was sued by a customer.

This mirrors the problems seen with Rapid Data and Fields Data Recovery operations in the UK , Europe and US and shows the scale of the problem they have engineered believing they could continue to delude consumers indefinitely.* by dominating sponsored listings within google, yahoo and bing forcing the PPC cost up knowing that genuine labs cannot compete with their papermill scams.


Fields Group will say these "rants" are written by a hostile competitor.

Ab - so - lute- ly !!

My company and others are also victims of Fields Groups sector domination but not because they are better, just that they are better funded and they have a well rehearsed ISO 9001 SCAM pumping money through to their operations in Thailand.

My name is Andy Butler former Director of abc Data Recovery and I set out to build the UK's most productive data recovery lab with a team of technicians able to provide the highest recovery rates possible at realistic costs - and I achieved that.

Unfortunately in helping others my company sufferred after I was assaulted and seriously injured.

I realised Fields Data Recovery "forensic" reports were fake and designed to defraud consumers on an industrial scale, what I found was far more sinister.

Very few have been willing to take on a government grant funded corporation which uses the UK Legal System for malicious, vexatious and costly court cases and High Court Injunctions to bully their clients and detractors.

I have continued to help the victims, where I went wrong was not realising how far these corporate conmen would go to cover up what they have been up to .

Here is a link to my convoluted story and why I too am in recovery mode :-
" A Hard drive broke my back "


Datttenrettung, Data Recovery Scam, makes headlines on German TV


* Internet Fraud and Data Recovery Scams  

Fields Directors and Officers are attempting to bully competitors and consumers affected .

It is clear that reputable Data Recovery Companies are being put to considerable disadvantage competing against an operation which has year in year out encouraged a unethical and possibly criminal or fraudulent trading style to continue unabated.

I will always put my observations and rants into the public domain under my own name, I do not have to use an alias like James Walsh !

Andrew Butler
founder of abc Data Recovery Ltd

Fields now employ a full time "in-house" solicitor to fend off claims from consumers who have been scammed

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