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Fields Data Recovery Article by Andy Butler

Field Data Recovery caught out in Germany
Fields Data Recovery aka  Rapid Data or Rapid Data Recovery,  and Dataphoenix are all operated by Fields Associates whose chairman is  Professor of Astrobiology at Buckingham Universtiy  Dr Daryl Hamilton Wallis.

Complaints and Scam reports are UK wide, Europe, North America and now Bangkok Thailand are all targetted for Sector Domination using pay per click domination of the search engines.
There are 3 main brands of Fields Associates  - Fields Data Recovery, Rapid Data and Dataphoenix in the UK - many more internationally some like Dattenrettung in Germany have received attention from German TV .

They dominate google for many differrent services from Quickie Divorces, data recovery , employment tribunals and Injunctions.



The Fields Group has dozens of Group companies, and a handful appear to be leaders in their Field, they make numerous claims of being industry leaders, but at what exactly ?, Too many of their clients complain that they have been defrauded or their credit cards are skimmed, services are not delivered or they are sold sub standard services, - Trading Standards in Bridgend has had to carry out many interventions and processes hundreds of complaints from Fields clients every year.  Despite Fields employing a full time complaints department  and in-house legal team to harrass and bully through the courts anyone who complains..
  Fields Data Recovery aka  Rapid Data or Rapid Data Recovery,  and Dataphoenix are all operated by Fields Associates whose chairman is  Professor of Astrobiology at Buckingham Universtiy  Dr Daryl Hamilton Wallis.Complaints and Scam reports are UK wide, Europe, North America and now Bangkok Thailand are all targetted for Sector Domination using pay per click domination of the search engines. There are 3 main brands of Fields Associates  - Fields Data Recovery, Rapid Data and Dataphoenix in the UK - many more internationally some like Dattenrettung in Germany have received attention from German TV . They dominate google for many differrent services from Quickie Divorces, data recovery , employment tribunals and Injunctions. .
Fields Data Recovery Scam Video


Action Direct UK Ltd benefits from the Fields Group ISO 9001 certification and full time complaints department, yet still had to cease offerring many of its services after the MOJ investigated their misrepresentation. 

 Many hundreds and suspected many thousands of individuals have been defrauded.

Fields have used their illgotten gains, backed by substantial grants from Welsh Assembly and Finance Wales backing to bully their way into "sector domination" and they do not care that their clients are damaged in the process. 

Where I am differrent is I realised that the problem was much bigger than at first thought and no one was able to assist the consumers.

My company was being affected, and others were also having to change their marketing strategy to respond to Fields Group "Sector domination through unrelenting growth" approach to putting smaller competitors out of business, not by being better, just by selling paper and destroying lives in the process.

Too many  consumers were being  defrauded for it to be an isolated incident.

I decided to find out who was behind the scams which were destroying people lives, stealing business from all reputable data recovery companies and collect enough evidence to ensure that if I am taken to court I can defend myself.

Trading Standards the OFT and ASA seemed powerless to intervene without evidence.

I have since defended myself through the courts and used Fields main weapon "e0warfare and the internet" to help bring their fraudulent methods to the attention of the authorities. 

More about these international businessmen and their hundreds of papermill document spooling websites will no doubt come to light . Action Direct UK and Rapid Data  are other similarly run papermill operations.

daryl.jpg Experts at richard_glyn_lewis_marketing_guru.jpgeverything! ricky.jpg
richard_glyn_lewis_cleanbreak.jpg rgl_quickiedivorce.jpg custody-richardglewis.jpg fields_associates_experts.jpg

But beware -  I was threatened with being put out of my home and business, I won the court case but ended up with serious physical injuries when presented with yet more legal challenges. The fateful day was October 8th 2010 which changed my life but not my committment to help the those affected, I had no idea how destructive a "hard drive"  could be ecuse the pun ! -- A Hard drive broke my back. 


Dr Daryl Hamilton Wallis above left is Chairman of the Fields Group Ltd and Head Forensic Investigator of Fields Associates Ltd and Quickie Divorce Ltd.
Richard Glyn Lewis is the internet marketing guru who helped create the hundreds of "expert" websites, e-zine / e-books from Will Writing to Sugar Daddies

Their data recovery operations are based in Bangkok Thailand and Bridgend Wales,  processesing the work brought in by numerous brands like Rapid Data, Dataphoenix and Fields Data Recovery.

His operations have been exposed for selling fake data recovery reports and incompatable parts, claiming drives are not recoverable when actually they are.

The Fields Data Recovery Scam has exposed the lengths that the Formost Computer Forensics Investigator and his son and key staff would go to in order to damage their victims and competitors who expose their methods of defrauding consumers. 

These are not speculations, libellous insinuations or negative campaigns from competitors, most victims never know they were defrauded, and the 570 compliants to Trading Standards in Bridgend from individuals is just a fraction of the businesses and international consumers who have no way of seeking recourse through the UK consumer protection organisation. 

The Fields Data Recovery scam is one of those insidious problems which at first seems to be nothing more than a flash in the pan mistake and one that anyone can make and afterall how many people would not believe the claims of an ISO9001  / Investor in people corporation ?.
Since this article was first written Fields have been settling out of court with many who have realised they were defrauded, they have also been posting fake data recovery reviews and review websites. Worse they have bullied and attacked their victims to the point of harrassment, lets hope the Judge re-instates the data-recovery-blog.com forum for the victims of Fields Data Recovery.,

I too was awarded an extra-ordinary damages payment after Fields attempted to use their "in house legal team" to bring a vexatious claim against me. read "
have you been mulcted" the payment was in excess of what they had attempted to claim from me but unfortunately not the £250,000 plus £25,000 per day threatened !

Fields solicitor stated in court to the Judge that Fields have :- " a good working relationship with Bridgend Trading Standards going back 5 years" what an extra-ordinary claim to make !

For those of you have been on the receiving end of the Fields Data Recovery scam it may come as no surprise that Fields still cannot recover drives that their expensive forensic reports or leading data recovery experts say are beyond recovery - yet other labs recover.

Most victims of the Fields Group will never know what happened to them !
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After several years the number of complaints has continued to grow, whilst reputable hard working data recovery technicians have to compete with conmen, they continue to get rich by damaging the lives of hundreds of consumers and businesses, not just in the UK but Worldwide. 

I have put my name to this article, many who know me understand why I campaigned for the victims of the data recovery scams.

But few actually know the background and why it ended with me sustaining physical injuries to my head, neck and spine, when I was assaulted by a representative of Fields Associates who I can only describe as a hired gun not a process server.

It has been necessary to warn others about the Fields Groups malicious methods of doing business and putting their competitors out of business ?.

I was expecting the ex parte High Court Injunction Papers in early October 2010 but it was Fields process server who clearly had his own agenda when delivering them. I will leave that to the solicitors to sort out after realising that the headaches, nechache and back pains were not going away and after many months it became apparrant I was in worse shape than first imagined.

Losing the ability to communicate by speech was a shock, I have experienced problems with a brain tumour, but these headaches were on a differrent level again, and resulted from the damage of several vertibrae.

So how and why does what some solicitors first described as a  "Turf War" develop into a physical assault which could have quite easily been a murder investigation had my head not bounced and my spine absorb the forces.

My online crusade to expose the conmen in data recovery has not endered me to some, but those who have observed some of the scams have realised their businesses have also been affected.  

Genuine data recovery labs such as mine were being undermined by "marketing gurus" and questionable corporate business practices which apply " SECTOR DOMINATION THROUGH UNRELENTING GROWTH " regardless of the effect it has on the lives of the consumers who are defrauded or the cost to the rest of the data recovery services providers..

Dr Daryl Hamilton Wallis stated he would put me out of home and businesses for complaining about his companies selling of fake data recovery reports, however his company had already done its damage and it became necessary to just gather the evidence needed, this has helped the victims but genuine data recovery labs have sufferred.

Since then more victims of the Fields Group have come forward, but how many will never know how they were defrauded ?.

£9million in a year from filling out forms, Will Writing, Seperation Agreements, Payment Protection Insurance and even Injunctions is good money but to be underpinned by government grants and allowing innocent people to be defrauded is wrong! 

Fields Group are understandably unwilling to admit that they have been selling fake data recovery reports .

But why is the Fields Data Recovery scam so infamous ?

 Fields apart from being expert in data recovery and will writing are also expert in Injunctions and claim to serve 10% of all injunctions in the UK.

 Most consumers would be unaware of such a "corporation"  who in their own words are "experts in their fields"  but in reality their reputation in computer forensics, will writing, quickie divorces and of course fake data recovery reports has been shown to be far from trusted.

To get refunds or compensation from any Fields Group operation is not easy.

Hundreds of consumers affected and possibly many more are unaware what had happened to them and how their personal details are then used against them.

Both the Chairman of Fields Associates Ltd - Dr Daryl Hamilton Wallis,  his son Jamie Hamilton Wallis who is MD to the entire Fields Group of companies have attempted to cover up their scams by using their in house solicitor.

Is it that they fear their forensic Investigators expert witness statements will also be brought into question ? 

Daniel Williams 
Matthew Jackson
Dr Daryl Hamilton Wallis
All the above "computer forensic investigators" are  showing on the the Fields Group websites or headed paper.

So who are the Fields Associates who put their name to the fake data recovery reports sold as forensic services invoiced by Fields Associates Ltd? 

Fields advertises that it has been the UK's leading data recovery company for several years yet it became clear that this was not the case, moreover the operation has been a sophisticated marketing machine in hundreds of online get rich quick ideas, from will writing to online divorce and car parking fine collections and debt management.

With some 150+ websites covering dozens of services, those that make the most money are targetted for "sector domination" using adwords and using solicitors to dominate consumers and competitors into not complaining when they are defrauded or badly treated.


What became appararent was that data recovery was not the only sector being targetted in the UK for "sector domination through unrelenting growth" -  but the question is At whose cost ? - The client loses, and the competitor and the Welsh Assembly loses so who wins ? is it Dr Richard Glyn Lewis  ? Dr Richard Cable or Dr Daryl Hamilton Wallis ?

 Is their  ISO9001 quality assurance being used as part of the mechanism to defraud?  -- who would believe a corporation would stoop to such methods to take advantage of consumers who are often in desperate need of help ?.

Fields have attempted to cover up its sharp practice using the their in-house solicitors,  Fields Associates Ltd were " mulcted in costs " after attempting to mislead the courts. 

 Other cases they have been involved in show they are  using the the profits they make from scams to pay off those who realise they have been conned - But where were trading standards when they were needed ?.
The Fields Group, their data recovery operations (Fields Data Recovery / Rapid Data Recovery / DataPhoenix) are just a small part of a papermill  /document spooling operation which provides the following document filling services.

Quickie Divorces
Managed Divorces
Seperation Agreements
Prenuptual Agreements
Will Writing
CV Writing
Payment Protection Insurance Claims
Tribunal Representation
Action Direct / Tribunal Action
Compare Websites
Lush Dates

Well you get the idea basically any form filling service they can sell online for a big markup.

They are also linked to PCN-UK Ltd a car park clamping / fee collection service which was exposed as another scam defrauding consumers, attracting a CCJ yet never actually submitting any accounts (To those of you not familiar with Fields Group this is quite common)

 Their attempts to quash the numerous complaints with  legal action against those  speaking out about his companies persistent damaging of hard drives sent in for recovery to his "lab" in Bridgend, and their unethical methods of charging for services not provided and parts not supplied is well documented.

The rising amount of complaints to trading standards is unprecedented in the Data Recovery Industry

See Quickie Divorce Trading Standards FOI request  June 2010

Fields Data Recovery / Rapid Data  / Fields Group FOI Request Nov 2010

This has now brought to light other market sectors which are also experiencing the same shoddy business practices,  from a company with ISO9001 accreditation which attempts to undermine smaller competitors whilst  believing their marketing and Papermill approach to business will swamp out any complaints abouts Fields Data Recovery, Rapid Data, Rapid Data Recovery, DataPhoenix, IT24-Services Datten Phoenix


*Video and screen capture are the property of the Heise c't magazine or publishing house or magazine c't Readktion of the Hessischer Rundfunk.

Many have been attracting attention on various forums including the Martin Lewis
- Money Savings Expert Website.

The fields data recovery scam has been affecting genuine data recovery labs, with so many victims of dubious trading practices reported to Trading Standards  revealed how the   Data Recovery  Papermill Scams work. 

Fields and Fields directors have attempted to destroy genuine competition by misleading and defrauding consumers we await the outcome of the High Court Decision on www.data-recovery-blog.co.uk .

Always check the company you trust your credit card details, personal information and data to is not selling your information to other companies. see this article for more information about  
Content Merchant Fined £40,000


Fields Data Recovery reviews on FreeIndex

Fields Data Recovery Scam Exposed on German TV (No German Laboratory as claimed)

BBC Report into Internet fraud and scams

Fields had attempted to crush other data recovery companies by promoting misinformation on the website http://who.is/whois/comparedatarecovery.co.uk/  which although denied by Fields was proven to be linked to and managed by  "associates" of The Fields Group.

The DRC Directory was developed as a response to their other fake review site www.data-recovery-companies.co.uk numerous other fake reviews sites have since sprung up all promoting Fields and Rapid Data recovery.
Bridgend in Wales is where the Directors of web design company UK Digital Solutions Ltd have their head quarters and process all data recovery work from the UK and Internationally for many of their brands through Fields Associates whose previous Director Dr Richard Glynn Lewis has claimed to have made his million and now operates out of Dubai as a internet marketing guru, and other staff and directors still showing on various Fields sites all claim to no longer be in the employ of Fields.

So it still begs the question, who designed the scam and why have so many had to complaint to trading standards at Bridgend ?

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Action Direct (UK), of Pencoed, near Bridgend, agreed to the restrictions following an investigation carried out by the Claims Management Regulator, part of the MoJ. (Ministry of Justice)

The regulator’s ruling states: “Action Direct (UK) Ltd must not, in relation to employment claims management services:

Advertise for, or otherwise seek out, persons who may have a cause of action. That includes removing all advertising, including websites;

Represent a claimant, whether in writing or orally, and regardless of the tribunal, body or person to or before which or whom the representation is made.”

Read More http://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/wales-news/2011/09/30/ministry-of-justice-prevents-welsh-claims-firm-from-taking-new-clients-91466-29511385/#ixzz1d3XUsiL4