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Fields Associates

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Fields Associates - News, Reviews and Articles on The DRC

Fields Associates is the forensics data recovery division of a group of companies developed by Jamie Hamiliton Wallis and Dr Richard Cable and Dr Daryl Hamiliton Wallis.

The company is famous for its many internet businesses

Rapid Data
Fields Data Recovery
Action Direct
Sugar Daddy
Separation Agreement
Will Writing
Visa Action
Managed Divorce

The group is also behind Quickie Divorce and many other papermill operations, tribunal action, and other enterprises such as Sugar Daddy and Lush Dates.

Recent investigations into complaints from consumers can be found here Data Recovery Blog

Whilst no company can claim to be free from any customer complaints, Fileds Associates Ltd has been deluged with numerous complaints in the UK, North America and Europe.

The DRC Directory has numerous articles about the actions of Fields Associates and its various brands.

Fields Data Recovery Reviews


fields_court_ruling_toronto.png fields_data_recovery_news_report_on_german_tv.png


Fields Domination of PPC has resulted in some consumers being "milked" 3 times by 3 differrent brands for no data
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Fields Data Recovery
Fields Data Recovery
Fields Data Recovery, aka Rapid Data  and Data Phoenix is part of the  Will writing, payment protection insurance claiming, quickie divorce processing, visa application form filling, car parking fines collection  and "insert get rich quick online scam here"  operation...
A Laminar Flow Cabinet Is Not a clean Room
A Laminar Flow Cabinet Is Not a "clean Room"
A Laminar Flow Cabinet Is Not a "clean Room" but it is crucial to have one ! With the increasing capacities of hard drives, now passing 4TB and set to increase, the reliance on a clean air environment for the repair of a hard disk drive has become increasingly important. Gone...
Another Fields Data Recovery Victim
Another Fields Data Recovery Victim
Featured review of Fields Data-Recovery Fields Group will say these "rants" are written by a hostile competitor. Ab - so - lute- ly !! The quickest way to find out about the Fields and Rapid data recovery scams is to do a search online  . (Quickie Divorces, PPI...
You are viewing results 1 to 3 of 63Pages: 1, 2, 3, ... 19, 20, 21   Previous | Next
0800 999 Data / 0800 999 3282 Emergency Data Recovery
0800 999 Data / 0800 999 3282 Emergency Data Recovery
Emergency Data Recovery ?    Call  0800 999 3282  / 0800 999 DATA R3...
One of the many sites setup by victims of Fields
A Hard Drive Broke My Back !
A hard drive broke my back ! - But I am in Recovery Mode ! Andy Butler has rebuilt his data...
A Laminar Flow Cabinet Is Not a clean Room
A Laminar Flow Cabinet Is Not a "clean Room"
A Laminar Flow Cabinet Is Not a "clean Room" but it is crucial to have one ! With the...
Abc Data Recovery 2011
Abc Data Recovery 2011
ABC Data Recovery Ltd  grew considerably between 2005 and 2010 under the direction of its...
Abc Data Recovery Complaints
Abc Data Recovery Complaints
ABC Data Recovery Complaints Sept 2005 - July 2011 resulting in Court Cases or Trading...
Accidentally Initialised Arrays
Accidentally Initialised Arrays
Recovering From Accidentally Initialised Arrays When you initialise a raid array the...
Thu Oct 16 10:22:21 BST 2014
HUNDREDS of thousands of pounds worth of suspected drugs have been seized during dawn raids at 17
Wed Oct 01 10:39:13 BST 2014
The British in India Museum, Nelson
Wed Oct 01 10:23:54 BST 2014
Clitheroe Scooter Rally, Ribble Valley
Fri Sep 26 17:31:04 BST 2014
Burnley FC players head over to GAME store Burnley to launch FIFA '15
Fri Sep 26 11:55:47 BST 2014
Macmillan Coffee Morning at Pierce Group, Blackburn serve Indonesian Kopi Luwak
Wed Sep 24 14:23:47 BST 2014
Children's Society present Revs on a Rollercoaster at Blackpool Pleasure Beach.
Tue Sep 23 15:40:09 BST 2014
Katy Holmes Trust present the launch of North West Pride Awards 2015 with Russell Watson
Tue Sep 09 17:02:03 BST 2014
Burnley FC take over Costa Coffee at Tesco, Burnley
Tue Sep 02 16:46:42 BST 2014
Official launch of FootGolf at Mytton Fold.
Tue Sep 02 16:18:39 BST 2014
Whalley Hydro being installed, Ribble Valley.
Tue Aug 19 10:38:02 BST 2014
Crime Scene in Revidge Road, Blackburn
Thu Aug 14 10:42:49 BST 2014
QEGs A Level Results Day, Blackburn
Wed Aug 13 11:30:37 BST 2014
Ned Longworth celebrates his 100th birthday at Blackburn Rovers training ground.
Wed Aug 06 15:40:50 BST 2014
Pingu, the chick residing at Elysium Couture, Blackburn with owner, Emma Green.
Fri May 30 10:03:59 BST 2014
Eunice Faulkner - Cat rescue
Thu May 29 16:36:00 BST 2014
Hudsons Ices brain freeze comp
Fri May 23 14:57:46 BST 2014
The Bethany Project
Fri May 16 17:46:59 BST 2014
Prime Minister David Cameron visits Silentnight in Barnoldswick, Lancashire
Mon May 05 11:25:18 BST 2014
Burnley FC Parade
Thu Apr 24 11:00:39 BST 2014
Dressers Arms and The Little Hong Kong Restaurant fire nr Chorley
Thu Mar 27 18:21:56 GMT 2014
Burnley FC visit Fishermore High School, Colne.
Thu Mar 27 11:14:59 GMT 2014
Stephen Entwistle finishes third on the North Yorkshire Classic, in Orangebox Mini
Thu Mar 20 16:53:54 GMT 2014
Burnley FC players, Scott Arfield and Alex Cisak visit Magical Tree Nurseries, Burnley.
Thu Mar 20 15:47:07 GMT 2014
HRH The Duke of York officially opens Learning Vision UTC, Burnley
Thu Mar 13 16:10:08 GMT 2014
Dick and Dom visit Accrington Academy.
Thu Mar 13 16:08:50 GMT 2014
Pupils from Shadsworth Jr School perform a song from 'The Lion King' to celebrate Grandparents day
Wed Feb 26 16:27:05 GMT 2014
Padiham 5-year-old Jolie Forrest is the new star of a 3MOBILE advert.
Thu Feb 13 11:21:18 GMT 2014
House collapse on Herbert St, Burnley.
Fri Jan 31 16:33:33 GMT 2014
Queen Street Mill, Burnley
Fri Jan 24 17:47:53 GMT 2014
CCTV of Blackburn kidnappers
Sun Dec 26 08:22:54 GMT 2010

For so many people in so many countries to be affected by data recovery scams I am surprised the company still exists. But on further consideration, how many would know they have been scammed until after the fact ? Only then would the do a search for Fields Data Recovery Scam

The actual reviews for FDR have also been exposed as fake... I knew the internet was a dangerous place but I had not realised how easy it is to setup in the business of online scams and become expert at it ...

Hard drive recovery, memory stick repair, RAID array rescue, and Solid state device (SSD) data recovery.