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Failed Or Degraded Raid Arrays Recovery

Failed Or Degraded Raid Arrays Recovery
What Is A Failed or Degraded Raid Array?


Raid 5 is where data and parity information are spread across at least 3 disk drives of the same size and type. Raid systems are prone to the normal disk errors which can cause a hard drive to go off line and hence the fault tolerence in the system goes too.

A Raid 5 array system can usually survive the loss of one drive in it’s array and recover the data from a combination of the other drives and the parity data written in stripes across the drive system.

Normal disk errors include the loss of the partition table, bad sectors, data corruption from viruses and file over-writes. Data may need to be recovered from these type of errors.

Raid 5 can suffer “degradation” which is where one of the disks in the array actually fails and the system has to “struggle on” with one disk missing.

Fortunately raid 5 data recovery is achievable when attempted by a trained RAID recovery expert

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