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Divorce a Quick Fix To The Hard Times ?

Divorce a Quick Fix To The Hard Times ?
Divorce a Quick Fix To The Hard Times ?

Since writing this article The Fields Group have been making numerous out of court settlements to avert a full Trading Standards investigation.

With 10 interventions made by TS in Bridgend and over 570 complaints lodged by UK consumers, the full time complaints department and ISO9001 Quality Assurance systems don't seem to count for anything.

Their claim in one court case that they "have a good working relationship with Trading Standards going back 5 years" seems to be extraordinary but true !

With a full time complaints department and in house legal team making out of court settlements the Fields Group use their illgotten gains to defend from and attack their victims and victims and competitors in equal measure.   

We await the outcome of the legal action which has resulted in the temporary suspension of www.data-recovery-blog.co.uk  which has helped more consumers get refunds and out of court settlements in 1 year than Trading Standards could in 5 years.

                   Most Victims will never know how they were defrauded.
Quickie Divorces are on the rise, make sure you use a reputable service and do not fall foul of internet fraud and scams. (*  Falsche Versprechen bei der Datenrette  - Fields Group Data Recovery exposed on German TV - Quickie Divorce Ltd also operated by the same Internet Gurus and E-Warfare experts)

Many sites show the same people all expert in their Fields but beware check the company you are dealing with very carefully (ISO9001 accreditiation, and investors in people status does not mean the company is to be trusted) *

It is recommended you find a reputable divorce management service run by an experienced team **

With many high profile divorces it can become an extended battle of wills resulting in any financial advantage gained being cancelled by solicitors costs.

Yet the forms offerred by these papermill scams are available for free and more victims of the same group involved in data recovery scams who have paid substantial amounts for assistance are coming forward.


This is similar to the google domination by the Fields Group Data Recovery Scams


With so much riding on the outcome of a correctly managed divorce it is important to find a reputable company.

The internet has given us access to the "quickie divorce". But how do you know which website belongs to the reputable company, how do you know the business concept and website design ideas were not copied by a rogue operation? 

Be sure you find a team of dedicated professionals committed to managing the form filling process for a reasonable cost who have also been able to identify the problems in the online managed divorce services sector..

There are some websites which  belong to the marketing "boiler rooms" dedicated to taking money upfront and providing nothing, using cash in hand solicitors... Be very very careful and check the company you trust your personal and financial information with.

Their "hard sell"  smooth talking and pressure selling tactics are designed to get money out of you first then the phone goes quiet BUT WHERE ARE YOUR PERSONAL and credit card details ?

Beware you might get a call from your bank telling you your card has been charged several times.

It  can quickly bring follow up calls for other services like online will, payment protection insurance and industrial claims advice, f these sales people front papermills who have no thought for the damage they do to  their clients.

Many lives, friendships, childrens happiness and personal financial security, can all be affected by not getting the correct advice or picking the right services.

In more complex situations experienced Solicitors will be required and experience counts, not the newly qualified solicitor  who may believe they have the necessary understanding of the legal requirements. 

However in the age of the internet it is now possible to get help, advice and assistance from reputable online services.

The only problem is which one do you trust to manage your divorce and do they have your best interests at heart?.

When checking any online divorce company find a reputable operation.

Just as the DRC features articles about the problems faced by consumers and businesses when searching for a data recovery company, there are other companies linked to these digital marketing services operating in various Fields  : Quickie Divorce, Online Tribunals and Payment Protection Insurance Claims but it is important to check the company you are dealing with is reliable.

 Knowing who to trust is a problem, how many businesses can an individual be expert in at the same time ?

* Quickie Divorce should not be confused with Quicke Divorce - check complaints using this link  Quickie Divorce with Trading standards :-

** For more information from a reputable company visit
The Uk’s quick online divorce and separation service 
Quicke Divorce, Online DIY divorce, Cheap and Easy Internet Divorce UK 
and keep up to date with latest developments a reputable Online Divorce Blog
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