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Disaster Recovery

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Disaster Recovery Companies. Disaster may strike at the heart of your business computer network at any time. This may be flood damage, fire, virus attack or deletion of files whether intentional or not.

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It is a pre-requisite to have a disaster recovery plan in place with a dedicated team responsible from within the workforce, or a team of specialist contractors, who can carry out the plan as soon as it is needed. If you haven’t done so already, then it is advisable to conduct a risk analysis as the first part of the disaster recovery plan as this will identify any weaknesses or threats to your computer system or network.

Once completed it is then prudent to set a budget for the plan so you can ensure you are covered as much as possible in the event of a disaster recovery situation arising. The cost for example may include a backup power supply system in the event of power failure, or remote backup and for larger corporations redundant servers or even server clusters.

Disaster recovery companies also specialise in providing emergency support and recovery services in the event of critical business failures which could range from basic file retrieval to disaster recovery solutions such as database recovery or other data services required to restore your files.

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Increase In Imaging Capacity At Abc Data Recovery Continues.
Increase In Imaging Capacity At Abc Data Recovery Continues.
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Business Continuity Testing

Even though a company may have implemented a well planned and thought out disaster recovery plan, it surprising that many implementations will fail when the plan is actually required to be executed.

The principle reason for business continuity plan failure is the lack of subsequent training and testing that the plan is actually given. This crucial element is often simply overlooked and the assumption is "the plan will work". Any disaster recovery plan should be well tested on a regular basis.

Backups should be restored and file integrity checked to ensure the backup protocol is working, and key personal and secondary staff should be well informed and practiced to ensure the disaster recovery plan succeed with as little business down time as possible.
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