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Defragment Hard Drive

Defragment Hard Drive
How Do You Defragment A Hard Drive?

Hard drive fragmentation is one of the prime causes of slow computers an a major contributor to unnecessary hard disk wear and tear and head usage. Unfortunately hard disk fragmentation is unavoidable due to the way the operating system works but that does not mean there is nothing you can do about it.

Operating systems come with their own built in hard disk defragmentation utilities that should be available on your computer programs menu. Depending on the size and level of fragmentation on the drive defragmentation can take many many hours but once completed your computer normally runs a lot faster.

Many users will prefer to use specialist defragmentation tools like Diskeeper as these arrange the data in a far more orderly fashion making data retrieval speeds even faster. They can also run in the background so your disk remains in its best condition.

It is probably best to avoid this however if you have a suspect hard disk however as hard drive recovery could become more difficult or it may bring on drive failure requiring hard disk repair .


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