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Database Recovery

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Do you need help with database recovery or conversion ?  Call 0800 999 3282 or use the contact form below.

With so many businesses and corporations becoming increasingly reliant on database applications any data base failures need to be quickly resolved but database recovery should in reality only be attempted by a database skilled professional.


Databases may fail for any number of reasons and the cause could be hardware centric in the guise of a failed raid array or hard disk failure, or equally could be software centric and be caused by a file system failure, file corruption or a filestore structure error.

But whatever the cause of the failure correct remedial action is crucial to prevent additional and often business damaging data loss.

Incorrect database recovery techniques and failed database repairs are quite often the main cause for more costly database rebuilds where recovery often needs to be carried out on a file level basis.

If you have sufferred from a data base failure make sure you speak to a professional before you attempt any repair especially if you do not have an up to date database backup.

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Database Recovery Companies

Given the importance an value of your company data It is also a good idea to check that the data solutions company you choose to do your
database recovery has previous experience in handling your data formats and if on a raid server your actual raid configuration. Also check the methodology they will use, source drives should always be imaged to ensure your data integrity and recovery should be from the imaged not the sourced drives. Most companies will be happy to provide a reference or a useful case study at the very least.

It is also important if you are experiencing a problem requiring a database recovery to question the cause of the failure so you can negate the business risk as much as possible in the future. Is the server really up to the task or is it struggling, why did my backup fail, why did the disaster recovery plan fail(if you have one) etc.?

Whilst many businesses understand the need for disaster recovery planning quite often it is put on the back burner and lower down the priority list until a data disaster actually occurs. This is however an ideal opportunity to commission a business continuity audit with suitable IT or disaster recovery specialist as the true business cost of not having a plan will be very clear to the business owner at the point of a data failure.

Make sure your business is not put at further risk in the future.

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