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Data Recovery Software -

Data recovery software is in plentiful supply around the internet today and some data recovery companies even offer the data recovery software on their own websites which you can download for free and use to in Demo Mode to check if your data can be recovered without the need to purchase.


The big question though for most people is when should I use data recovery software? The answer will depend on your circumstances, is the data loss because of physical damage to the storage device or just deleted files or a formatted partition often due to operating system upgrades ?.

In reality the value of your data as well as the problem which may have caused the data loss in the first place will have to be considered. What is important is to find software which once bought has the telephone support and backup of a
data recovery lab should you need it. 

Data Recovery is often perceived to be far more expensive than it really is in today’s market, and whilst not so long ago the cost of a recovery could easily stretch into the thousands, with today’s technology lost file recovery and hard disk recovery does not come at such a substantial price, as more data recovery labs invest in ISO14644 Class 3 (ISO-3) Certified clean rooms, the success rates of rebuilding hard disk drives has improved and this has brought about cost adjustments as rebuilding hard drives becomes a set procedure carried out by trained experts, so the cost of using a professional company for a hard drive recovery is well within the budget of most people and not just businesses and corporations that may have the need to use professional data recovery services to get their data back. 

So how do you place a value on your data and why is that so important? Consider this, you have 3 years of valuable family photos on your drive that are irreplaceable how much is that worth to you? Or equally you have hundreds if not thousands of hours of work contained in the files on your drive that you cannot afford to lose or you will need to start again, what is the value of that data?

In the above scenarios the value of the data could run from thousands to priceless, so do you really want to risk losing it all by using software you are unfamiliar with? Surely you would be far better of talking to a professional first before attempting a
DIY recovery of your files ? the decision on whether or not to use a software recovery has to be based on how the data was lost and how important the data is.

If on the other hand the lost files are less valuable and data loss will be more of an annoyance than the end of the world, or the data can be easily over time replaced then it may be worth while trying your own recovery using
data recovery software as the cost of the loss is negligible in reality.

data recovery software will recover files that have been deleted from the trash or recycle bin, but only the more powerful data recovery software will recover all file types after formatting or deleting a partition.

Either way the decision whether to use a
data recovery expert or data recovery software will always be down to the owner of the data, after all it is your data your choice and your risk.

Another important factor as to whether it would be viable to use software to do your own recovery will of course depend on the problem with the drive as well. If the drive is failing, incorrect use of recovery software could indeed speed complete failure, equally from a financial standpoint recovering data from a failed attempt is invariably more expensive, as the attempt may have made the situation worse and the recovery becomes harder or in some cases impossible.

So before you decide whether to use file recovery software, consult a professional data recovery expert, be honest and ask yourself the big question what is the value of my data to me?

And remember the best
data recovery software is objective depending on your knowledge of the subject, the main test of any data recovery software is - does it do what is says it will do, seek out data recovery program testimonials. What has to be realised is data recovery software should not be used on faulty or physically damaged storage media, seek advice from a an expert first.

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