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Has your hard drive failed, crashed, degraded  or burnt out ? Maybe a firmware problem ?

Has it been dropped or damaged or had a power surge ?. Whatever the problem with your storage device -          Get a no obligation quotation from Data Solutions UK

Accidently deleted a file or formatted try our data recovery software - R3Cover

Use the Contact Form below or call 0800 999 3282


Data Solutions UK supplies a range of data recovery services and equipment to home users, businesses and universities in Shropshire and throughout the UK.


Firmware reprograming, PCB repair, head stack and platter transplant for Seagate Storage devices.


All manufacturers and capacities of hard drive, memory stick, SSD Drive and Server RAID are catered for.

R3Cover Data Recovery software* - No Data No Fee


* Do not use any data recovery software on damaged or degraded hard drives, Software is intended for deleted files and folders, formatted partitions, volumes and profiles after accidental deletion or operating system reinstallion problems.

Seagate, Western Digital, Maxtor, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Hitachi, IBM, LaCie, Freecom, Dell, Buffalo, HP, Acer,Sony, SanDisk, Kingston,
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R3Cover Data Recovery
R3Cover Data Recovery
Data Recovery  Data Wiping Hard Drive Recertification Server Decommissioning Data Migration Data Conversion Services  His passionate campaign to help protect the DR industry from the "papermill scams "  helped many consumers affected  get...
Hard drive repair company
Hard drive repair company
Data Solutions UK Data Recovery  Services  provide hard drive, memory stick and NAS  / RAID repair and  recovery through R3 Data Recovery Ltd R3  have a  network of resellers and partner DR companies. We have have been providing our data...
Apple Mac Time Capsule Data Recovery
Apple Mac Time Capsule Data Recovery
Get a fixed price quotation for the recovery of your data from a corrupted or failed Apple Time Capsule by calling 0800 999 3282 Apple’s Time Capsule is for many people a reliable form of backup for their Mac OS X data, but what happens when it goes wrong? There are many...
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Memofix Data Recovery Services
Memofix Data Recovery Services
Memofix Data Recovery Services Ontario Canada Memofix Data Recovery Services specializes in the ...
Clean Room Shop
Clean Room Shop
Connect 2 Cleanrooms have been very busy over the past week installing Cleanrooms for some very...
ReMac - The Mac Recovery Specialist
ReMac - The Mac Recovery Specialist
ReMac is an Apple Mac Data Recovery Services are provided by R3 Data Recovery Ltd . All Apple...
Mon Dec 29 06:00:00 GMT 2014
Plans to build 30 homes in a north Shropshire village have been thrown out by planning officers,
Sun Dec 28 20:43:46 GMT 2014
About 30 firefighters tackled a blaze which caused severe damage to a bungalow near Oswestry.
Sun Dec 28 19:00:00 GMT 2014
When David Lawson was diagnosed with cancer he was determined to help others, and set about raising
Sun Dec 28 15:00:00 GMT 2014
More than 200 lorry drivers travelling on Midland motorways were found to have exceeded their
Sun Dec 28 14:59:59 GMT 2014
Farmers across the region are being urged to be cautious after it was revealed criminals are
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We sipped something fizzy as the sun slid beyond the horizon of a perfectly peachy LA sunset.
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I must shove my iPhone camera into the beautiful, squishy little faces of my wonderful niece and
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A Shrewsbury church has created a memorial for the 113 men listed on Shropshire war memorials for
Sun Dec 28 11:59:58 GMT 2014
A vehicle lost control and managed to slide off the road in Shrewsbury, but fortunately no-one was
Sun Dec 28 11:59:57 GMT 2014
Sixteen cases of sexual assaults in taxis have been recorded in Shropshire and Mid Wales over the
Sun Dec 28 11:13:39 GMT 2014
A burst water pipe today caused disruption for businesses and residents in Shrewsbury for the
Sun Dec 28 10:00:15 GMT 2014
A busy route in Telford was partially blocked by a car today after it appeared to have spun into
Sun Dec 28 09:00:00 GMT 2014
A charity in memory of a murdered Shropshire airman is nearing its first £1,000 to help the
Sun Dec 28 08:59:59 GMT 2014
A British national was on board the missing AirAsia flight QZ8501, the Foreign and Commonwealth
Sun Dec 28 08:59:59 GMT 2014
A team of rowers hoping to break the world record for crossing the Atlantic marked Christmas with a
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LaCie Rugged Hard Disk USB2.0/FW400&800 WD1600JD-75HBB0 WA4 2QX DG6 4TN WD2000BEVS PO12 3AD If this is the case you can try to swap PCB from another Hitachi hard drive of the same model but the chances are close to zero for a data recovery. The donor board could lock itself causing a good working donor drive not to spin again. The problem is that logic board on modern hard drives are adapted to the head disk assembly it was manufactured with. In our data recovery lab we use specialised software and hardware to rebuild these adaptive parameters located in the hitachi hard drives NVRAM to make donor PCB fully compatible with failed drive. EC2Y 8DJ Mobile LaCie Safe Mobile Hard Drive USB2.0 QML40000LC-A WA15 8QN WD4000AAJB-00UHA0 CO10 7PQ WD800BB-53CAA1 M28 7XD KU073J8 WA4 2SN PO13 9AL MPG3204AT SAMSUNG SV0412H40 GB Desktop Hard Disc - disk drive LL67 0LF SK11 8AP 07N9216 MHV2060BH (60,0 GB) Legend+Reduced+Size+MultiMedia+Card+512MB WA15 7RT FLUKE NETWORKS SK12 1EU M25 1BW Acomdata HybridDrive PHD250UHE-54 250GB SK6 6JX M28 4TR MPF3307AT Spinpoint NHS06VHF 60G 5400 SATA 1.5GBps 16MB SE21 8HE SAMSUNG SP1604N160 GB Desktop Hard Disc - disk drive SO2 3PN SK9 1LX Northamptonshire data recovery WA!6 7DZ HTS542512K9SA00 ViewSonic WD6400 Northumbria Exchange Server Recovery 07N4388 LE12 9EL N11 MK4009GAL HDD1682 40GB DORS-32160 For each commandment you're going to tell why it's important and how to make it happen. EN5 5UQ PO14 3EX WA15 9PS 92049U6 KT12 4PP PST Repair LaCie SAFE Desktop Hard Drive - USB 2.0 M33 2TE MAX90431U1 N16 0SP WDXML1600 CX20A011 QML05100LB-A HDT725050VLA360 BUFFALO TS-H1.0TGL-R5 1.0TB DY11 7RT SK7 5LT ROSE ELECTRONICS WA14 3BQ 90431U1 MPE3173AE PO38 3DX EH18 1HT WD1600JD-00HBC0 ST380023A Train: Tell how to, what to say, what not to say, and if appropriate, give an example. E1 Caviar Black BR4 9PE WD5000AAKS-65TMA0 L63 9JY WR14 2XQ recoveryLiverpool What are the problems and pitfalls that come with procrastination? What negative changes occur? Are there any positive changes? TN38 9RJ M2 2QG PO15 6NQ SO18 1HE RM11 2TA RamBo Ultra Disk Pro 8GB WA16 9RS LE17 5QE S71 5TY M10 0WT WD3 4JU TQ12 WA116 8AU IG7 6AL M8 7LN SG17 5QZ data recovery companies Myth Squashing Time! There's No server Needed When it Comes To best Data Recovery company with IS0-3 certified clean room WD1200JD-00FYB0 raid 5 recovery Sheffield WR8 0NB Shintaro Pocket Disk 8GB ST43400N SAMSUNG HM80JC 80 GB Laptop Hard Disc - disk drive SK12 1AA photo data recovery PO6 2JH ST3500320NS DL6 1PE IC35L030AVVA07 WV5 9JE MK8037GSX HDD2D61 80GB CH8 7BL SO31 1BQ ST6 8TU DN32 8LW HDS725050KLA380 cheap laptop PO15 5DL GU23 7AN WR!4 1QS M29 7EL HR4 8PP GL3 1AD WA15 8EF SK7 1EZ S64 8TT WA14 2AW SAMSUNG SP1614C 160 GB Desktop Hard Disc - disk drive M25 0DB MPF3172AT DiamondMax Plus 17 HCC541680J9SA00 IC35L036F2D210 SL1 3UT SAGE DATA RECOVERY NG9 3DU YO1 5NQ IC35L073XCD210 QMP20000AS-A M2 4AB WA9 3LX repair usb memory IP2 OAY CA19 1TT PO22 6HV WR14 3DZ SK9 7BL ST660211U SAMSUNG SP60A3H60 GB Desktop Hard Disc - disk drive M44 5JU WD400BEAS-00KZT0 Corsair Flash Survivor 4GB CU17 0NY DBOA-2540 BCH41G10 LU2 8EZ PO11 0RT PO6 2TJ CO6 5AH OL9 7HS CM14 5DJ SK10 3EL LL12 0UD MAU3147FC OL12 9QS PO15 5PS RH6 9QA WD600BEAE WR14 4JE Freecom DATA BAR USB STICK WD800BB-22FRA0 SK8 4QS SK8 5PX M8 7AY ST3400820AS LS17 7DH SK110 5NX PA3 3HQ WA15 8PY WA11 0BL Fat HD081GJ PR6 7UX PO11 9OP FHD-1 OX10 7SA RH16 1SJ Some examples of drive/array damage are: Windows SAN Secondary Server N16 8LU Sandisk 4GB Compact Flash Extreme IV with Reader M7 0PJ KW17 2JY SK12 7NE data recovery file SK9 4AJ DL6 1EU WD1200BB-55GUA0 ST9160823AS Supermicro Server Recovery Apple Macintosh recovery seagate data recovery SK8 7AT LN8 3ES CR8 3LA DT6 3JU hard drive data recovery PO16 7RP Now tell what else the gift can be used for... how much it costs... where to buy it. FY8 4NJ ST3500N memory stick restore raid windows xp WD400VE 40GBLaptop Disk Drive WD7 8EH M21 Preston data recovery SK7 2HW AB45 1JR TN15 7DS M8 8UP L46 0RS CM19 5HH raid 1 recovery Yorkshire SO31 6UF PO9 6AE SK10 5DX hard disk errors SK8 7JT AS20A011 Seagate ST3250601U2-RK FireWire & USB 2.0 p them avoid? BB8 7LR MAXTOR 4R120L0 4A120L0RAMB1TU0 DiamondMax 16 Considering the IT Professional Perspective When Designing Your best Data Recovery company with IS0-3 certified clean room _Western Digital, Seagate and Hitachi headlandings and sticktion is easier to repair than a seized motor spindle

Hard drive recovery, memory stick repair, RAID array rescue, and Solid state device (SSD) data recovery. null