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Data Recovery News Stories

Data Recovery News Stories

IT firm in data rescue drama


A Sheffield IT firm has rescued defence giant BAe Systems from a catastrophic computer failure that threatened to stop production and ground military aircraft.
Disaster struck at BAe Systems when a server controlling an array of computer hard drives collapsed.

The company knew it had to find an IT specialist that could respond immediately with an on-site solution, since taking the server away from the plant was forbidden under the group's contract with the Ministry of Defence.

After contacting a number of industry experts, BAe Systems turned to Windsor Street-based Abc Data Recovery as possibly the only company in the UK and maybe Europe that could meet its requirements, repair the equipment and recover all the data within demanding deadlines.

The Royds Mill firm specialises in repairing hard drives, data forensics, advising on data storage and security and providing off site back-up services, using a combination of highly skilled staff, the latest imaging and recovery software, specialist equipment and a clean-room, hailed by one firm of experts as the "best ever tested in the UK."

Clients who use the firm to recover critical data representing years of work that would otherwise have been lost also include the NHS and local authorities and a
Round The World Yacht Race team, which would have lost all photos, videos, documents and data crew members had collected during the 40,000 mile event.

At the end of the race, the crew had transferred all the information from the yacht's computer to a portable hard drive with the intention of copying it to CDs. In common with normal practice they wiped the yacht's hard drive.

When crew member Justyn Comer plugged the portable drive into a computer on reaching land, disaster struck.

"I sat in horror as first smoke and then sparks came out of the drive. I unplugged it as quickly as I could, but was desperate as I realized I'd probably lost the lot. I felt awful. All of our files, gone," Justyn recalled.

Fortunately, Abc
Data Recovery was on hand to save the day and all the records from the once in a lifetime event.

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