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Data Recovery Mishaps

Data Recovery Mishaps
Since 2005 Andy and his teams of data recovery specialists have helped recover data other companies had charged considerable sums to say "no recovery possible".

The company identified the mechanism used by the papermills to defraud consumers.

Unfortunately Andy Butler the founder of abc fell foul of the the fraudsters Read A hard drive broke my back !


These included repair and recovery to server RAID arrays, Small Business Servers, Computers, Laptops, Hard Disk and Solid State drives, memory sticks and SD cards. Legacy storage such as DAT Tapes and Floppy Disks.

Andy Butler the founder of abc now runs R3 Data Recovery part of the R3 Data Solutions Group

The Data Solutions UK network is developing local and regional partners who can get the highest success rates for their clients.

New Free Phone Number for Emergency Data Recovery  0800 999 3282 /  0800 999 DATA

The abc’s of data recovery.

Microwaved memory sticks,
Dog chewed memory sticks
Washing machined memory sticks.

Flooded Servers and Computers
Hurricane damaged servers.
Fire Damaged Servers
Dropped from aircraft laptop.
Dropped in the sea laptop
Cat chewed thumb drive
Lightening strike to computer.
Deliberate deletion of files
Deliberate wiping of server information.
Forensic Reports for Solicitors and Industrial Tribunals

As well as the everyday wearing out of hard drives which degrade or suffer head landings, motor failure, PCB failure, Firmware failure and seized spindles.

But as Jeb knows some technology support calls are more unusual than others.

The abc’s of data recovery.

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The company ownes the UK’s first ISO14644 Class 3 clean room (ISO3) to ensure the maximum air filtration is achieved to meet its contractual obligations to its partners and clients.
 Solid State Device data recovery services are also provided. This service has grown from their class leading  memory stick NAND chip reading capabilities.
With a team of technicians, support staff and programmers R3 Data Recovery help clients who have seen almost every type of disaster.

Andy Butler director of R3 Data Solutions team of data recovery technicians since 2005 were able to recover successfully.

1)      Fire Damaged Server – Despite the server RAID array and operating system suffering a dirty shutdown when the server room power was lost in a fire, R3's Server RAID experts, imaged all the drives and  corrected the corruption in less than 12 hours. The client was facing several days of reinstallation and restoring from Tape and Online backup.

2)      Cats and Dogs -  You would be surprised just how many memory sticks and power cables to PC’s, Laptops and external hard drives are damaged by pets.

3)      Liquid Damaged Camera SD Cards. Many SD, CF and XD cards used in cameras, mobile phones and laptops can be rendered inaccessible by water damage. Often though the liquid could be an alcoholic beverage, soft drinks or even sea water. R3 on a daily basis recover memory cards which cannot be accessed by software or have controller failure.

4)      SSD –Solid State Device data recovery – Unlike flash memory recovery SSD storage has wear levelling incorporated into their controllers. R3 is one of the few companies in the world to offer SSD Data recovery reading all NAND chips on drives of 32GB to 256GB, these devices had suffered physical damage, liquid damage or power surges.

5)      Microwave Ovens – When a client decided to hide her two backup drives in the Microwave for safety, she had not counted on her husband warming their baby's milk the next morning. Despite both units being damaged and inaccessible, abc repaired the least damaged unit and the client now has online backup.

6)      Exchange Server – An international company with over 2000 employees in the UK  were left without email when, during an upgrade to their Server,  their RAID array failed . abc were able to retrieve and fix cooruption on  the files needed to restore the Exchange Server within 24 hours.

7)      Virtual Machine Recovery - VMWare, virtual machine  and parallels data recovery saw a surge in demand. Many IT departments have moved to vitual systems without testing their disaster recovery plans. R3 have come to the rescue of ISP’s, Data Centres and companies.

8)      Dropped External Hard drives – These account for over half the drives suffering from mechanical damage needing abc's ISO3 cleanroom. One of the most extreme examples this last year was a drive that  was dropped from the top flight of a stairs at a University and was successfully rebuilt and recovered.

9)       Conectors broken off USB sticks – By far the most common damage to memory sticks is breaking the connector, abc routinely recover them by lifting the flash memory chip(s) and reading the data direct using their “in-house” NAND chip experts.

10)    Largest recovery in 2010 – Despite 2TB drives being relatively new, abc have been recovering these large capacity drives on a routine basis,  and have already been conducting R&D into 2.5 and 4TB drive recovery ready for 2012. Server RAID recoveries of 5TB of were the largest this year, the record for a single RAID array was over  12TB in 2012  

Data Recovery  2012

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