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What Is Data Recovery

What Is Data Recovery
What Is Data Recovery


Data recovery is necessary when the secondary storage media on which data is stored has failed or the file system prevents it from being mounted by the operating system.

Hard drives, storage tapes, CD’s DVD’s and raid arrays are the most common types of  data media that require recovery, although usb memory devices (pen drives) and memory cards are also prone to failure.

Pen drive data recovery is often required when an internal chip has failed or the device suffers other failures due to poor manufacture quality or external problems for example water damage or impact damage.

Hard drives can suffer failed motors, head crashes and tapes can simply break. With hard drives when internal failure occurs, a data recovery specialist is required who should have a clean room dedicated to protecting the media whilst being recovered.

When data has been overwritten on a hard disk, it is possible to retrieve the overwritten data. This process was discovered by Peter Gutmann in 1996 and along with Colin Plumb, they designed the Gutmann method of data recovery which is used by software packages today.


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