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Data Recovery

Data Recovery
Data Recovery

In order to perform data recovery it is first necessary to understand the type of data loss situation.

Data recovery is a general term for any process that recovers the data.

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Data Loss can occur for many reasons.
 (always get advice before risking losing your data for good)

File Deletion  Formatted Volume  Corrupt Partition table  Firmware errors

Power surges. Lightening, static discharge, Incorrect power connection / voltage spike

Physical damage. Dropped, banged, liquid , fire,

HSA Failure - Clicking, beeping, whirring

Head landings, scratching, whirring, bent

Platter Surface Degradation - Bad Sectors - Motor Spindle Seized,

Controller failure - faulty, overheating, damaged

Damaged PCB, bent, cracked,

Damaged USB  / SATA / IDE connector

Virus / Malware - Operating System 


Before using data recovery tools whether hardware or software, we first  need to carry out an assessment to confirm the symptoms and possible modes of recovery.

Triage processes describe the ways in which an assessment is carried out to identify the problem and define  the correct sequence of repairs, and technical process to achieve the required result  -- Data Recovery !

For most cases a deleted file, or formatted partition is easily handled by data recovery software and can be done by imaging the drive and recovering the missing data from the cloned drive.

However wherever there is damage of any kind it is best to seek advice from a data recovery expert who will be able to quickly diagnose the symptoms and offer a a data recover solution.

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