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Data Recovery Expert

Data Recovery Expert
What is a data recovery expert and when should you use one?

Although there are many people who may claim to do data recovery.
It is not just a case of experience, which is very important,  the investment in R&D and  equipment we invest in, the proprietory technology and processes we employ and the capacity to handle hundreds of hard drive recoveries per month are designed to maximise success rates and keep costs down.

The ability to run data recovery software does not make you a data recovery expert, in the same way using a paint program does not make you an art expert .


Data recovery experts  have experience of recovery of not only basic deleted files but also more complex data recovery requirements for example raid data recovery and computer forensics, firmware reprogramming, NAND, flash, SSD, Tape and the skills needed to repair and rebuld the delicate electronic and mechanical parts of failed storage devices and hard drives.

Equally most data recovery experts will have access to high quality certified clean rooms and will be able to conduct hard drive repairs of both a mechanical and electronic nature to such a high standard that their success rates are at least 3 times that of non certified operations.  .

If your data is valuable, a data recovery company or expert will be you best choice.


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