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Data Recovery Costs

Data Recovery Costs

The Costs Of Data Recovery Methods


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by Brian Sachs

If you lose data from your computer then your primary aim will generally always be to get your data back as fast as you possibly can. The actual cost of doing this may not be as important to you as the speed of the solution but it is something that you do need to think about.

The fact is that data recovery solutions can vary widely in cost. This isn't so much about how much each individual recovery company will charge you although that should also be a consideration when you choose a company to use. It's more about how serious your data loss problem is, how quickly you need a solution and how much work it will take to recover your data.

So, for example, if you have a corrupted CD that holds a key business proposal then the costs of retrieving this will be relatively small. If, however, your hard drive breaks down and you cannot access any data at all then recovery here will take longer, involve more work and will therefore cost more.

Most data recovery firms will not give a quote until they have had time to assess the best solution to your problem(s). In the majority of cases these experts can use a range of tools, fixes and solutions to recover lost data but it can be hard to know what will work until they make a start.

In the majority of cases a reputable data recovery firm will look for the quickest solution at the lowest cost to you, the customer. If this does not work then they may move up to more complex solutions that will probably cost you more.

In basic terms you will pay more for data recovery if the process involves a lot of work by one of the company's experts. If your data recovery is simply a question of plugging into a fix server where scans and software programs can be set to run diagnostics and fixes then this may not need much manpower time or expertise.

But, if your problem needs to be addressed by a skilled and qualified engineer over a period of hours or days then the cost will subsequently be higher. What you should be looking for here is a company that can offer the simple solution as well as the complex one and that will look after your needs as well as their own.

Speed may also be an issue for you here. If your data recovery needs are absolutely urgent then you may find that paying a premium emergency cost will be worth your while. You have to weigh up the benefits of getting access to your data again over the cost of its recovery in this instance.

Also, if you employ IT staff of your own then do bear in mind that they may themselves be able to handle some data recovery issues. They may not have the skills or facilities to take on large and complicated jobs but may well be able to help out with the simple stuff which could cut down on your costs.