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Data Recovery Company
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Apart from creating a catagory for any aspect of Data Recovery be it a company, manufacturer, software or equipment, the site offers free and paid for enhanced listings to those who wish to be promoted using the highlighted news items and featured company advertising options. .
Any data recovery company, partner or reseller can benefit by displaying  banners within the site or by promoting their company news and information through articles in the several hundred catagories.

The DRC Directory is intended to help the UK data recovery industry after several years of being infiltrated by what can only be described as scam merchants and conmen.

The DRC Directory was developed by Mighty Marketing Ltd  as a direct response to Fields /  UK Digital Solution Ltd  /  Just Compare Ltd website www.data-recovery-companies.co.uk  back in 2008. and www.comparedatarecovery.co.uk 2008/2009  both sites were being used by the fields data recovery to mislead consumers.

DiskLabs has developed The IPDRA website - International Professional Data Recovery Association which has also tried to expose those that have been involved in the data recovery scams,  if you are a data recovery provider why not considered joining ?

Fields Data Recovery have caused much more controversy in data recovery with over 30 other fake review websites and hundreds of fake reviews on numerous websites in the UK, The Euro Zone, North Americas and Asia (Thailand). Many out of court settlements and investigations into the Fields Group selling of fake data recovery reports and incompatable parts dressed up as "forensic services".

Fields and Rapid Data Recovery complaints, reviews and fake testimonials have featured on many sites and directories after they issued a   High Court Injunction on the  administrator of Data Recovery Blog.

There are a number of court cases and high profile investigations hinted many of the  expansive articles but be clear these have been put up as part of an effort to help consumers and competitors understand who is behind the data recovery scams and how we have all been targetted by the Fields Group  / UK Digital Solutions "sector domination " using pay per click.

In time the press and TV news programmes will expose all those involved  and hopefully ensure that such bad business practices cannot continue but in the meantime it is up to those involved in data recovery to promote their companies as best they can against a marketing machine whose coprorate mantra is "sector domination through unrelenting growth" and sales teams are brainwashed into believing :-

We command the market
We command the competition
We command the consumer
We command the price they pay

This is an example of a  Catagory.

Fields Data Recovery

If you have any legal objection to a Catagory Entry in The DRC Directory  then please direct your correspondence to

The DRC Directory
Mighty Marketing Ltd
Royds Mill
Windsor Street
S4 7WB

The number to contact The DRC webmaster is at the top of the data recovery companies directory as is the email address for any queries or press releases.