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Has your hard drive failed, crashed or degraded  or burnt out ? Maybe a firmware problem ?

Has it been dropped or formatted. Whatever the problem with your storage device : -       Get a no obligation quotation from Data Solutions UK Use the Contact Form below or call 0800 999 3282

Special offer for clients in Bedford - Get a Free copy of R3Cover with every successful recovery *.


Failed clicking ticking or burnt out hard disk drive ? Do you need help with data recovery ? use the  contact form below to get a free assessment and fixed price no obligation data recovery quotation.

or call 0800 999 3282


Data Solutions UK supplies a range of data recovery services to businesses throughout the UK.


Firmware reprograming, PCB repair, head stack and platter transplant for Seagate Storage devices.


All manufacturers and capacities of hard drive, memory stick, SSD Drive and Server RAID are catered for.

R3Cover Data Recovery software


* R3Cover Free Serial Number for Licence activation is Free when a completed recovery has been Paid for. No Cash Alternative. Cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts. Maximum 2 licences for new Partnere sending in recoveriesthrough partner services.
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Data Solutions UK Hard drive Repair
Data Solutions UK Hard drive Repair
Data Solutions UK was founded in 2007 and helped build  the first high capacity Data Recovery lab  in the UK to achieve IS0-3 clean room certification. This has helped bring down the true cost of data recovery despite the increasing capacities of...
Uk Data Recovery Services Provision
Uk Data Recovery Services Provision
R3 Data Recovery and Data Solutions Network offers low cost data recovery at the highest success rates. R3 Data Recovery can  help your IT department solve any data loss situation by providing access to the right service levels to meet the needs of corporations,...
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Provide a step-by-step explanation of  HA7 4UB 07N5719 BH9 1DQ GFI SOFTWARE HR8 2EF LE11 3RR raid 5 recovery Liverpool MAXTOR 6Y160L0 YAR41BWO DiamondMax Plus 9 SK9 2AR SO31 6TX STM303204OTA3E1-RK PO14 1AE SK12 6JS PO14 3LH Lexar+Memory+Stick+Pro+Duo+Platinum+II+2GB ST10 3JA Hitachi laptop or ntebook drives, share some typical 2.5 inch HDD problems. One of the main issues is heads sticking to the disk platters surface. Heads are normally parked on the parking ramp outside the platters, but sometimes after a fall or abnormal termination they fail to return to their regular parking position and are left on the surface sticking to the platter surface. It is absolutely impossible to correctly release them without proper tools and experience. Don't attempt to open the drive by yourself - you could easily scratch the media and this will make all your data unrecoverable! M30 7PX SK8 3SX L63 5QF M23 8AW WD2000JS-60PDB0 SW11 4HA CH2 4EP ST340111AS SL6 6HH BH8 8SL Oxford Server Repair WD2500KS250GB3.5" Disk Drive HR8 1RX 4R080L0 Outlook PST recovery B15 3SD SK12 7ER 7L300R0 Ultrastar 146Z10 WD4000 PO7 7SU MK1401MAV HDD2712 1.44GB SK14 6TB M13 PO13 9EG SL6 8EG SK12 7NR Sandisk+CompactFlash+256MB BL6 4LN M34 5NR WD200BB-75DEA0 WD400JB-00JJC0
Hard drive recovery, memory stick repair, RAID array rescue, and Solid state device (SSD) data recovery. null