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How To Handle Data Recovery And Not Lose Your Information

How To Handle Data Recovery And Not Lose Your Information

Data recovery is the process of saving information from problematic storage media. Failed, corrupted, or damaged secondary storage media can lead to hindered or impossible access. The usual devices where data is usually salvaged from include internal or external hard disk drives, SSDs, storage tapes, USB flash drives, DVDs and other electronics. No matter how safe a storage medium appears to be, any electronic or mechanical device can miss-function.

Recovering data can be needed because of physical damage of the storage or logical damage to the system. The most common situation in which one will need to salvage data involves the failure of an operating system. In such a case, all
files need to be copied to another disk.

Another scenario can happen because of disk level failure, when a file system or partition is being compromised. The same type of problem occurs when a hard disk failure happens. A different and more much complicated set of techniques is used to recover data in this situation.

All in all, salvaging lost data is a complicated process and, if not done right, it can lead to permanent loss of information. It is understandable that most people are not
IT experts, but what happens when these people have very important data stored, information that they cannot afford to lose?

Luckily, every disease has its medicine, and there are experts that have the skills and experience to save data from devices that fail to work normally.

R3 Data Recovery Services - The Professional Solution

R3 Data Recovery is one of the best in the business, offering data recovery services of any kind, from very simple to very complex. They can do all the work themselves, but they also offer a special piece of software, so that the data can be recovered by the customer himself, from the comfort of his own home, if this is what he wishes.

The leader of the company,
Andrew Butler, believes that a data retrieval service should be all about the customer's peace of mind. It should be completely fair and ethical towards the owners of the information that needs to be recovered. This is why he gathered together the best and the most trusted data recovery experts on the UK market, which are constantly developing new techniques to ensure they offer the best services possible. This way, different approaches and experiences collide into finding the optimal solution that can fit any need.

So, if you lost important data and cannot find a way to get it back, turn to R3 Data Recovery. No matter what the problem is, or no matter how important the information is, there is a technique for saving data of any kind, for any device there is always a solution for
data recovery.

The services offered by
R3 are safe and very efficient. Also, the team is very approachable and professional, aware of the difficulties advanced IT language poses on many, and willing to make the customer understand the process.

I thought my world had ended but thanks to R3 I got 100% data retrieval from my memory stick. Very prompt, human and helpful service. Would strongly recommend.
Lisa McKnight - Leeds Metropolitan University

I was extremely pleased with their service and expertise - they managed to recover the data from my hard drive when everyone else told me that it was impossible. Highly recommended.
Arron Walthall
 When disaster struck, a crashed hard drive that had not been backed up for a year it was all done in a calm and understanding way. They managed to retrieve all my data from which I have since rebuilt my PC. I have also taken steps to back up all my data much more often, as advised by R3. Can't thank them enough.
Brian McKeown
 After loosing two hard drives at the same time, R3 came to the rescue. The initial contact was warm, friendly and reassuring, and this continued throughout the 'rescue'. In a relatively short time I had my data, and my 'life', safely returned.
Michael Perkins - Home