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Data Destruction & Hard Drive Disposal

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Data recovery companies operate secure
DoD 5220.22M data wiping and recertification.

Drives are rendered beyond recovery but parts are reuseable.

Physical destruction services using industrial shredders are also catered for.

Data centers servers and redundant  computer equipment  including digital TV boxes, call center equipment and DVR surveillance drives can be wiped of all data and where viable remarketed.

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Secure data destruction and hard drive disposal is very important to computer users and companies when they wish to erase their confidential data for good. With identity theft and computer fraud on an upward spiral it is becoming vitally important that you do not leave personal or any other sort of business data on a hard drive or computer you may be disposing of.

Formatting the hard drive or just deleting the files is not a permanent way of deleting files. Equally the use of software that is available for free on the Internet tends not to be secure either as files can still be recovered when they have been deleted or in the case of a formatted drive, the drive partition table and the data can be recovered.

Data destruction companies specialise in secure data wiping and this technique removes the files from the hard drive for good and this is relatively inexpensive way of making sure your data does not get into the wrong hands.

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Safe Data Disposal

Disposing of existing IT assets after a business systems upgrade has in the past led to equipment disposal in a number of very uncontrolled methods. Sometimes the IT services company will offer to dispose of the equipment for you thereby saving a potential headache or the company will dispose of the equipment themselves through closed or public auction like e-bay for example.

Often the computer hardware is re-sold to third parties with little or no data audit being carried out or in fact with no forethought to what data actually was stored on the drive in the first place.

With the increasing levels of identity theft and commercial intellectual property theft occurring attention is turning to making sure essential business data and personal data is accounted for and disposed of in an accountable manner.

Business data that has been left on disposed IT assets ranges from company accounts to client records, manufacturing design data, employee records and even business bank account details and passwords so it is reassuring that business managers are becoming increasingly aware of the risks faced with insecure IT asset disposal.

Secure data wiping companies will be well versed in the need for data security and will also have secure storage areas available whilst drives are awaiting permanent disk wiping.  

An alternative and permanent way to recycle hard drives that is 100% effective and a permanent is by way of destroying your hard drive. This is known as hard drive disposal and many specialist companies in the Data Recovery/Data Disposal sector offer this service. Disk shredding as it is also known is the literal destruction of the drive using specialist machinery into many tiny fragments so as to make any chance of retrieving the data as much as can be said impossible.

If the disposal company is a data recovery specialist they may ask permission to re-use none data storage parts (for example the drive heads) to rebuild other failed drives so data can be recovered for customers.

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