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Data Conversion Services

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Data conversion
can encompass a whole range of data types and legacy data conversion is becoming increasingly required as many companies have held their data in aging formats for as long as possible to ensure maximum return on investments.

Typical data conversion services can include data storage formats for example DAT, Travan and Zip and Jazz (Jaz) disks to name but a few as well as Microsoft office file types and exchange .ost and pst files.

Operating system file type conversions are also increasing popular as businesses and individuals want to update their files into more useable formats of Mac OSX, Linux and Unix. In additon to operating systems, data conversion companies will also tend to offer database conversion facilities as well including all popular formats for example SQL. Data conversion requirements can be quite complex and often can only be fully understood after initial consultancy.

Data conversion - Data conversion services - Database conversion - SQL data conversion - Legacy data conversion

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About Data Conversion

Data conversion in its truest state can best be described as the conversion of one form of computer data or data type or format to another. This commonly happens for the purpose of cross platform application migration, application interoperability or to take advantage of new functionality within an existing program or commercial application.

At the simplest level, data conversion is simply the conversion of a text file from one character encoding to another. More complex conversions involve proprietary file formats for example Microsoft office files. Conversions of digital content creation programs and computer aided design packages are best left to the experts as the original data sources need to be maintained in case of cross file corruption as thousands of man hours may have been involved in the generation of the original source data in the first instance.

With any data conversion project there are many potential areas where the data conversion could fail. The first priority is the security of the original source data. This should be backed up either locally or on a remote server at the very least.

Secondly it is prudent to fully test a batch sample of the converted data to check for any inconsistencies or corruption between the donor data and the converted data i.e. are the results as expected, and finally the full conversion should be tested in a mirrored environment if at all possible.

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R3cover Data Recovery Software Activation Help (copy)
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Recovery of computer data sometime not only involves saving data from a crashed
hard disk drive but also recovery of strange or outdated dataformats.  The way
software data are organized, often changes over times, or from application to
applicaton.  Therefore making it necessary to transform and migrate outmoded
computer data from one format to another.  DATACONV provides a collection of
links to utilities for the conversion of software data.  There are more than
700 extraction tools for Unix, Linux, BSD, Solaris, MAC, MS-DOS,
MicroSoft-Windows9x/2000/NT/XP/Vista, AS400, OS/2, Novell and other operating

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