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Crash For Cash Scam

Crash For Cash Scam
Crash For Cash Scam

Crash For Cash scams in the motoring industry are said to cost the UK insurance industry over £350 million pounds per year and with the recent imprisonment of a group of individuals who had staged multiple crashes on unsuspecting individuals.

So how does this fit in to the data recovery scams? -  lets discuss.*

The Hard drive crash repair scam. - Fake Data Recovery Reports charged as Forensic Services claim no recovery possible but actually they are.

Most reputable data recovery companies can acurately diagnose a hard drive fault over the phone from the description given by the client.

However one data recovery services will offer a very low price range with the sole intention of ramping up the price later, these operations are very well organised and difficult to police. The sales people behind these scams are incentivised to sell this way with very high bonus driven salaries which cannot be achieved without misleading the client.

These companies do not have the 99.7% approval rates and are using their illgotten gains to put their genuine competitors out of business. And they do this internationally as well as in the UK.

If they are lucky enough to recover some data from a drive they will try to charge ever incresing amounts but then come back down in price until you say yes.  

Of course the symptoms of a drive failure are many and varied, and basic data recovery can be achieved for £95+vat by a data recovery lab or DIY using the data recovery software yourself.

But logical, electronic and mechanical failures do require skilled technicians and when the hard disk needs a head change or platter swap it should be done in an ISO Certified clean room.  ISO9001 is not a clean room certification.

Internet Chatter of the data recovery scam conmen / rogues who are known to charge for incompatable parts used in an attempted repair, often  never even opening the drive it is not uncommon.  But it is the fact they sell the part and the unrecoverable data recovery report for often more than the cost of the recovery  is fraud.!.  

The Server Recovery Scam

When a server fails, most companies have a backup, however it is often quicker to use a reputable data recovery company to restore the data and the server to a working condition, rather than a lengthy restore from a backup, however it is known that some companies who claim the capacity to be able to perform 24 /48 hour turnaround data recovery services often charge many thousands of pounds for an emergency service but risk their clients data because they do not image all the drives,  and if the server array fails during the recovery they then charge for the days and weeks it takes to recover the data to justify the now inflating prices.

The data recovery scam

Since exposing the various data recovery scams in the UK it has led to many reputable companies coming under attack from a small group of linked "technicians" who claim to have clean rooms but are they aware of how many reports have been collected about them?
Those linked to the data recovery scams will no doubt try to damage the reputations of reputable companies which have invested in the facilites and skills required. see http://www.data-recovery-blog.com

If you believe you have been a victim of a data recovery scam often receiving no data yet incurring costs for services and parts which were never supplied, be sure to report it to trading standards. If you have an extensive report get a second opinion.

The Forensic Investigation Scam

Beware of any Computer Forensics Investigator who claims expert witness status  who will charge 10 times the number of hours needed to actually complete the investigation.

The Solution

Unfortunately reputable companies which have exposed the data recovery scams will come under attack by the rogues however investigations by trading standards, the OFT, Investors in People Compliance, The Welsh Ministers and numerous court cases will force these rogue operations to change their ways. 

The DRC Directory has been specifically developed to help promote reputable data recovery companies and associated services after the Compare IT  Ltd comparedatarecovery scam which maligned reputable companies.

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