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Controller Failures & Hard Drive Stripping

Controller Failures & Hard Drive Stripping
Controller Failures Requiring Hard Drive Stripping

Need help getting your data back after a RAID Controller failure, save time and money get free advice and a no obligation quotation use the contact form or call 0800 999 3282 (fixed price data recovery services)


One of the common and very time consuming failures can be a raid controller failure, and these can be very serious.

Raid controller failures can occur in a number of ways from physical component failure to problems with voltage spikes and even poorly inserted drives.

Sometimes this will require the individual drives having to be diassembled  and repaired *, the repaired drive is then imaged and the Raid 5 array rebuilt so that the data is accessible and recoverable.

A raid controller will attempt to to keep the data accessible even when one or more drives in the array fails, the array will finally fail when there is insufficient working drives from which data strped accross numerous drives can be reconstructed.

When dealing with a RAID Controller failure be it RAID controller  hardware, softraid, or individual drive failure always seek advice form a RAID specialist.


* If a drive needs to be opened and internal parts like the HSA (head stack assembly) removed and replaced then correct handling is essential to achieve the optimal chance of successful recovery.
It is crucial to ensure your data recovery company operates in a level
ISO-3 (class1) data recovery clean room for modern high capacity hard disk drives.

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