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Clicking Hard Drive

Clicking Hard Drive
My Drive Is Clicking What Should I Do?

Hard drives can make a very interesting collection of noises depending on the problem and the make of the drive but invariably the prognosis is not good.

If your storage device has one or more hard disk drives and your data becomes inaccessible, check for symptomatic sounds of a faulty hard drive, you may notice a constant clicking or ticking emanating form the hard disk, this could be caused by a read write head problem or more serious possibly a head crash.

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Head crashes are as they sound the HSA (head stack assembly) comes in contact with the platter,  this should not happen as the heads are designed to float above the platter surface, and should this occur there is a risk that data has become corrupted or inaccessible.

After a head crash further degadation of the platter surface can occur as the heads may now damaged or even bent and could spread further damage accross the remainding data, this needs to be avoided at all costs so shut down your PC or laptop and speak to a data recovery technician as soon as possible to avoid any further risk or data loss.

If the drive is chattering it may be that you have a heavily fragmented drive and the heads are struggling to pick up your data from multiple sectors although equally it could be that the drive has degraded and the heads can't read multiple bad sectors.

Either way if your data is important talk to a technician to avoid further drive damage. Data Recovery at the early stages of drive failure and before the need for hard drive repair can cost a lot less than if the drive actually fails or the head crashes.

Hard drive sounds can be found on the DataCent website http://www.datacent.com

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