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Clean Room Shop

Clean Room Shop
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Connect 2 Cleanrooms have been very busy over the past week installing Cleanrooms for some very interesting and critical applications.
One of our engineering teams this week entered the world of ABSL who area world leader in the research, design, development and delivery of power solutions for customers who cannot afford failure. The main product lines of the company are battery products and optical instrument products. ABSL have many very interesting projects which include the manufacture of Lithium-ion batteries for spacecraft and launch vehicles including those of NASA. ABSL provides power solutions for the Military to offer a wide range of defense systems including dismounted soldier, tactical communications remote unmanned, satellite communications and training systems as well as providing products for the Oil and Gas industry. The Cleanroom from Connect 2 Cleanrooms was obviously going to be used for some very critical applications meaning our team have to be extremely precise in their design, engineering and installation leaving no room for error in anyway. The Cleanroom which was installed was designed to operated to particle counts as ISO14644-Part 1 Class 8 and is 21m 2 . The Cleanroom was installed in just 2 days meaning ABSL could continue their critical work with minimal inconvenience.


We also had another team installing a Cleanroom at Gyrus this week. Olympusand Gyrus ACMI are two of the world’s leading suppliers of medical visualization and energy systems who have joined forces to create a more versatile organization destined to push beyond the boundaries of minimally invasive surgery.Connect 2 Cleanrooms were installing a Softwall Cleanroom to operate to particle counts as ISO14644-Part 1 Class 8, the cleanroom installed was 48m 2 . This Cleanroom although much larger than the room installed at ABSL was also installed in just 2 days again meaning that processes would only be compromised for the minimal length of time possible. Gyrus provide components for many different areas of the medical industry including Urology, ENT, Anesthesiology, Gynaecology and General Surgery meaning again that there was no room for error in the design, engineering and installation of the cleanroom where these critical components would be constructed.
Connect 2 Cleanrooms provide cleanrooms for many different and varying companies all of which require the knowledge that their processes are being carried out in an environment which meets their exact needs and specifications. Connect 2 Cleanrooms endeavour to provide the exact conditions that any company requests and requires.

More information about ABSL.