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05:31 12-Apr-2021

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SSD Drives will increase in popularity as the prices per GB of storage falls,  but there is an  additional cost for data recovery when these devices are affected by:

Power supply faults, Power Surges, Controller Failure

Physical damage caused by flexing, dropping, Fire and Flood damage

Connector Faults, PCB wafer  / connection failures

Did you know that most Hard disk drives failures are  due human error or calamity and no doubt this will be the same for SSD.

SSD data recovery is likely grow in line with the increase in Notepads and Laptop following closely the increase in
Flash memory recovery

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NAND chip based devices are increasing in capacity and as their capacities increase the new generations of SSD storage offerred in laptops and servers will be adopted for their power saving potential especially as the cost per GB reduces.

But there is always a lead time to the adoption of new technology, equally the solutions for SSD data recovery are still in their infancy.

Wear levelling and the fact that the data is essentially striped accross multiple memory chips each with multiple memory banks means that the amount of work and expertise and by consequence the cost to recover SSD drives is on the increase.

New techniques and technology is being developed by Data Solutions UK whose founder also pioneered the UK's first high capacity hard disk repair center.

Just 2 years after this article about the release of the
Samsung 256GB SSD Laptop drive we are now postulating the Petabyte SSD

For more
information about SSD Drives visit Storage Search

Article:- Recalibrating Consumer Assumptions about SSD Data Recovery

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