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BBC Now Investigating Ripoff Britain

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Posted on Thursday, 22 July 2010 03:13AM by Andy Butler
The BBC has seen an opportunity to help those who have been "ripped off" by online scams and websites offering goods and services they cannot possibly supply or meet the demand for at the prices claimed *** 

The BBC have been offerring the opportunity to be interviewed for a next BBC series of RIP OFF BRITAIN  ** consumers and companies are able to contribute their experiences with a view to exposing rogue operations which repeatedly scam their victims using misleading marketing and high pressure sales techniques of the papermill scammers .

The  BBC series Rip Off Britain is presented by

Angela Rippon, Gloria Huniford and Jennie Bond

Watch the video data recovery news expose by Redaktion c't magazin on German TV* exposing this mis representation and selling of "forensic services" to escalate the cost of a failed software recovery.

 The BBC series of programs feature investigations and covert filming, phone recordings and research into complaints about companies involved in ripping off business and offerring poor services whilst claiming to be the best or most qualified in their market sectors when they are not.

Whilst this is a sad state of affairs for British businesses, it will help bring to the attention of a wider audience the sort of companies that believe they can get away with online scams indefinitely without fear of investigation.

The scams operated by one company have been reported by competitors for over a year now, hopefully some people have been saved from making the mistake of trusting ISO 9001 accreditations blindly.

ISO9001 accreditation is easy to achieve and maintain if you go about scamming people in a professional way.

Even Investors in People Status can be misleading, a background check into whether a company has the right to make such claims is not easy to do .

Lets hope common sense and consumer awareness helps clean up the Data Recovery Industry in the UK just as it has helped data  * recovery scams in germany


*** This will also be publicised in various BBC News items  intended to bring awareness online scams to the consumer and show that online fraud is being actively investigated.
 BBC Investigations in to internet fraud and scams 

Mark Lewis helps defend the victims of the data recovery scams from Super Injunction

Ministry of Justice takes direct action action against Fields Group online tribunal Papermill 

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