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Accidentally Initialised Arrays

Accidentally Initialised Arrays
Recovering From Accidentally Initialised Arrays


When you initialise a raid array the initialisation process doesn’t actually overwrite all the disc data but it wipes the metadata files that tell the Operating System where to look for any files – similar to a “Quick format” in DOS where the FAT tables and main directory are wiped.

The data still exists on the drive but the keys / clues to where the data is have been removed and need to be recovered in order to access the data.

At this point even the most hardened IT support staff will probably be very concerned but hopefully the data will be backed up from a previous day at the very least (unfortunately data back up is often overlooked).

Fortunately some RAID data recovery experts will be able recover your data even from accidently initialised arrays, even to the point of completely resurrecting the entire operating system and getting your business back up and running in the shortest time possible.

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