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R3 Data Recovery Starts 2012 With Increased Demand For Hard Drive Repair.

R3 Data Recovery Starts 2012 With Increased Demand For Hard Drive Repair.
ABC Data Recovery  was formed in 2005 by Andy Butler who identified the need in the UK for a high capacity data recovery lab that could process more data recovery work at higher than average success rates.

 Andy now  provides cost effective data recovery through R3 Data Recovery Ltd to IT Professionals and Support companies accross the UK and increasingly internationally.

 abc Logo 2005 

In early 2008 abc commenced its online web development with the help of Surrect Media .

With a team of committed individuals who have come together to build the Security House lab complete with fully certified and annually tested ISO-3 rated clean room supporting smaller satellite labs and IT Support companies accross the country. 

By refining its capacity and systems, the R3 team have further improved the companies ability to cope at times of adverse conditions or disaster, helping flood , earthquake and hurricane victims as well as providing emergency disaster recovery after fire or data loss.

New Website announced for 2011


 FreePhone number 0800 999 DATA

Further refinements to the labs capacity and online web presence are planned, as is its class leading Flash Memory and SSD data recovery services.

The company has an ambitious aquisitions programme and has taken over several small data recovery providers to bring together the range of skills and features needed to achieve the companies mission of becoming the UKs most successful data recovery company. 

With continued development the company intends to further refine its online image and search engine rankings with the launch of its new website portals.

The successful launch of R3CoverMac and R3CoverWin data recovery software in early 2010 has helped abc to provide consumers with a DIY data recovery solution where it is identified they do not need the skills or resources of a data recovery lab.


The company will be making further announcements during 2011 using The DRC Directory, IPDRA, Video announcements and National News articles.

visit www.abcdatarecovery.com for more information about how R3 data recovery can help you.

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