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Abc Data Recovery Complaints

Abc Data Recovery Complaints
ABC Data Recovery Complaints Sept 2005 - July 2011 resulting in Court Cases or Trading Standards Investigations = Zero  (Article Update Sept 2011 )
If you have had any reason to be disappointed with the service during the closing of the company - please ring 0800 999 3282

Andy Butler continues to offer his data recovery services through R3 Data Recovery Ltd and has rebuilt the Security House lab into the UKs best independent hard drive recovery centre.

Despite the enviable reputation the team at abc had achieved, the company sufferred severe damage when its Director Andy Butler was assaulted in October 2010 by an agent of Fields Associates / The Fields Group. (The High Court Injunction was discontinued in Jnauary 2011 with Fields paying £70,000 plus undertakings in damages.)

It was subsequently found that the head neck and back injuries that Andy sustained were more severe than just "whiplash" read a hard drive broke my back .

Andy  was critical of those involved in
data recovery scams and his company sufferred from the click fraud and underhand tactics of those involved selling fake data recovery reports. He continues to help those affected

The damage to reputable data recovery labs by  Fields Group Ltd (Fields Data Recovery / Rapid Data  / Dataphonix  / Data Recovery Specialists et al) was only possible thanks to government grants and the defrauding of consumers, fortunatatley a number of court cases have now been set in motion.

ABC Data Recovery was itself a victim of the "dissapointment factory" and attempted to compete with the "papermill " unaware that the scam was underpinned by Finance Wales and substantial grants from the Welsh Assembly which appear to have then been channelled to another operation in South East Asia not an actual Fields Group company.
The outcome of the High Court Injunction on
www.data-recovery-blog.co.uk and www.data-recovery-blog.com is shows how long and expensive court cases can be...

ABC Data Recovery Ltd was one of the few Data Recovery labs to have achieved the highest possible level of success rates for data recovery and its former Director is now in recovery mode himself and developing the Data Solutions Uk and R3 Data Recovery services.

It is a very difficult situation for any business to be trying to defend an online market place from scams whilst trying to stay viable, but after seeing so many lives damaged and affected the Directors at abc Data Recovery were left with no choice but to help defend the victims from unscrupulous operations who believe they own the law.
The several hundreds of genuine data recovery reviews and testimonials online show that abc had a winning formula.

No company can claim to be  infallible,  there were times when complaints were made about abc data recovery services. At all times the team has tried to maintain the highest standards of service and investigate all complaints.
I had a couple of problems when trying to contact ABC through their web site, hence the 4/5 for quality. However, when I got in touch by phone I found them to be an absolute pleasure to deal with; no blarney, just a very good and prompt service with an entirely satisfactory outcome. They were recommended to me by a business associate, and I've recommended them in turn every time the subject has come up since. Good people to do business with.
Neil Gooderham - Bucket Consulting Ltd

The Former Directors of abc Data Recovery understand how damaging complaints and negative press surrounding poor customer service can be after helping many consumers and businesses affected by the less scrupulous involved in data recovery scams.  

Beware of misinformation and data recovery scams

Have you been sold a fake data recovery report

Have you been Mulcted

An analysis of abc Data Recovery complaints showed that a few were courier related, some were parts sourcing related and others were just communication problems.

Andy now runs R3 Data Recovery Ltd and his team remains proactive in addressing any problems and sorting them out quickly our testimonials and reviews have helped us refine our services to be amongst the best .

An excellent service, let down slightly at the end with a mix-up over dispatch.
Keith Woollacott
Service was very fast and efficient. Important data was sucessfully recovered. My only critisism would be that the service was qwuite hard to find.
National Genetic Referrence Laboratory
Excellent Service from ABC, Unfortunately on this occasion their Courier (UPS) let them down with transit arrangement both ways
Ian Wylie - Cozy Home Services Ltd

The team at R3 Data Recovery are passionate about their success and work hard to maintain their class leading data recovery services.  
*papermill scams and data recovery