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Abc Data Recovery 2011

Abc Data Recovery 2011
ABC Data Recovery Ltd  grew considerably between 2005 and 2010 under the direction of its founder Andy Butler who now runs R3 Data recovery Ltd .

He took on the task of helping clean up the Data Recovery market which had seen a drastic drop in overall success rates, and in doing so brought in a No Data No Fee service to consumers accross the UK but he too fell foul of the deception and vexatious court claims which nearly cost him his life - read a hard drive broke my back !

Despite its humble beginings the company quickly expanded and within 18 months moved from its first data recovery lab to what has become the UK's most productive data recovery operation.

The move to Security House in 2007 confirmed that their class leading abilities could be offered to a wider audience. Despite not having a corporate website the team set about making their first foray into online marketing and took on the "marketing gurus" who have since been exposed for "The Fields Data Recovery Scams"

Unfortunately ABC fell foul of the Fields Groups response when Andy Butler was assaulted at his home by a Fields Group / Injunction-online dot com representative causing head neck and spinal injuries which resulted in abc being liquidated and bought into TRC Data Recovery Ltd  "The Recovery Centre".. However it has since been realised that Mr Sampson the Director of TRC Data Recovery Ltd former lab manager at Data Clinic and abc Data Recovery had deliberately misled and undermined Andy Butler in order to steal his companies assets, work in progress and cash. In the final analysis Mr Sampson was attempting to steal property and assets of his investors and could not have established TRC Data Recovery Ltd without lying to his investors who have since commenced a full investigation of how they were deceived and robbed of their investment capital and assets of their other companies.

Website Development for 2011  www.abcdatarecovery.com

ABC can now safely claim to have completed more successful data recoveries in the last 3 years than any other data recovery lab in the UK yet still remains a small company with a friendly, honest and ethical business model.

Whilst the online image of the company has changed considerably, it remains a customer focused, cost effective service helping all kinds of clients with their data loss situations. Government, MOD, MOJ, Police, Corporations and famous individuals. All have benefitted from the data recovery service at a wider market which includes  IT Professionals, Small Companies and Home users.

Satisfied consumers have  found abc Data Recovery also offers a cost effective hard drive and memory stick repair service.

The Server, NAS and RAID array data recovery skills are amongst the best in the world, with VMWare data recovery and SSD data recovery just part of a varied mix of skills including Exchange and Sharepoint recovery.

All operating systems are catered for, UNIX, Windows, Mac OSX, and all flavours of Linux including proprietary O/S in NetGear and Buffalo NAS devices for example.   

ABC Data Recovery was a newcomer to  online data recovery marketing  having previously supplied its services to local IT Support companies and other data recovery services.

The company now provides an escalation route for other Data Recovery Labs in the UK , Europe, North America and Worldwide and has developed its websites to be user friendly and emphesise their considerable skills.

The team at abc Data Recovery has been built by recruiting data recovery experts, programming specialists  and electronics technicians,  who have combined their skills to  build a high capacity Data Recovery Lab,  able to cope with any kind of disaster from a single memory stick to dozens of hard drives damaged in a server room fire, floods, earthquakes and hurricanes.

The team at ABC are continually striving to further improve the services they offer to their partners and resellers as well as direct to home users and businesses that find them on the Internet.

Since its inception in 2005 from a "Fred in a Shed"  operation in Sheffield which proved the first high capacity data recovery concept could be implemented, the company quickly established itself in Manchester, Hull and London, able to provide help in almost any situation. With a no data no fee policy (excluding parts if required to be sourced).

ABC Data Recovery Ltd was incorporated in 2005 and within 2 years had dispersed its staff of 20 people across 3 cities,  and separate operational companies, each specialising in particular aspects of the groups business.

This included programming and Website Design and software development.

Technology Support Disaster Recovery and Data Backup

Data Recovery and Data Conversion Service Center  inc Tape Recovery

Security House ISO-3 Cleanroom certification ensuring the highest possible success rates. 

SSD, SD, XD and flash memory expertise.

RAID Recovery, VMWare and Exchange recovery .

Server re-installation and post disaster support.

Mac Data Recovery Services are also provided including Xserver recovery.

The team has been developing new systems to help increase its capacity ready for 2011 and the launch of the new website will commence a year of continued investment in further improvements to the companies infrastructure.

Additional staff are being recruited and trained to help ease the process of expansion which will include other improvements to phone systems and job tracking.

During 2010 abc confirmed its class leading position with more consumers giving favourable testimonials on IT Professionals as well as helping its partners increase their customer approvals by ensuring they benefitted from the latest technology as soon as it became available.

ABC Data Recoverys directors have also campaigned against sharp practice in the data recovery market and as many in the UK data recovery industry are aware have done more to stop the influx of rogue operations than any other company.

The DRC Directory of Data Recovery Companies was just one mechanism to expose the comparedatarecovery.co.uk and data-recovery-companies.co.uk fake review sites put out by internet marketing gurus and papermill operations which have been exposed for sharp practice and defrauding consumers.

Despite all this success the team at abc Data Recovery have been working flat out and despite stating a new website almost a year ago they have been busy implementing new systems, a 10Gbit network, 100mb fibre link for secure emergency ftp data recovery and continued R&D.

The launch of R3Cover data recovery for windows and mac users has helped the company provide a cost effective £79 data recovery solution for those clients who don't actually need the labs services and just need to recover deleted and formatted data on fully functional storage devices, including hard drives, network attached storage, and solid state memory including USB sticks, SD cards and NAND chip reading.  


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