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A Laminar Flow Cabinet Is Not a "clean Room"

A Laminar Flow Cabinet Is Not a clean Room
A Laminar Flow Cabinet Is Not a "clean Room" but it is crucial to have one !

With the increasing capacities of hard drives, now passing 4TB and set to increase, the reliance on a clean air environment for the repair of a hard disk drive has become increasingly important.


Gone are the days of Class 100 (FED209E) Annual Certification.  This has been replaced by the ISO 14644-1 standard with basic laminar flow cabinets able to achieve ISO-5.


To achieve the low particle count sub-micron standards required for service and repair of  modern hard disks, the new ISO 14644-2 testing standard was introduced and has been compulsory since 2004

Fed-Std 209e was formally dropped as the international standard in 1999.


A certified data recovery lab will be able to show an annual ISO14644-1 test certificate of their clean room for hard disk repair.


The cost of replacing filtration elements of a laminar flow cabinet is reduced and it performance is improved by pre-filtering the air.

This is achieved by placing the Laminar Flow Cabinet inside a Clean Room with its own clean air filtration.

Essentially the laminar flow cabinet is filtering clean air and able to maintain its certification often achieving the desired ISO-3 standard.

ABC Data Recovery were the first UK data recovery company in the UK to achieve ISO-3

One advantage of using a certified lab is there is a minimal chance of contamination, and successive rebuilds are not compromised.


Class 100 clean rooms phased out between 1999 and 2004  - Read why ISO-14644-1 has replaced Fed-STD-209e on which class 100 is based