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A Hard Drive Broke My Back !

One of the many sites setup by victims of Fields
A hard drive broke my back ! - But I am in Recovery Mode !

Andy Butler has rebuilt his data recovery operations after being attacked by Fields Associates process server during their serving of a perjured high court injunction based on a fake affidavit sworn by their head of operations for a payment of £2500.

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R3 Data Recovery continues to help the victims of the data recovery scams and has rebuilt Security House and continued to develop one of the very best data recovery labs and teams ever brought together in Europe.

If you have lost access to your data call 0800 999 3282 or
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When you get calls from potential clients and your price is too high for them, they will no doubt shop around, but what if they go away and find a cheap price for data recovery that turns out to be a scam, how would you know, a sophisticated scam by its very design is hard to spot, there are companies which market specifically for Fields Data Recovery Victims - they are often ex employees or resellers and partners of the Fields Group Operations:-

Data Recovery Specialists
Fields Associates
Fields Data Recovery
Rapid Data
Data Phoenix
Rapid Track Data
Endeavour Law
Quickie Divorce
Action Direct UK
UK Digital Solutions
Injunctions Direct

The Fields data recovery scam was part of a much wider scam involving payment protection insurance claims, personal injury claims, quickie divorces, employment tribunals and more,  you can see why they have their own legal department,  and make millions from unsuspecting "punters" even if after Action Direct was sanctioned by the ministry of justice it does not stop.

A corporate structure ISO 9001 accreditation, the appearance of respectability can be achieved by any website developer, and is easily achieved if you can print money faster than the Bank of England or Wales using grants and subsidies.

So what would you say  if those same clients who turned down your price come back after paying out money for a Fields Associates fake data recovery report ? , what can you say... hard luck.... sorry to hear that .... oh dear what a shame never mind ,

Once you hear this several times and its from the same competitor, and the reports say no recovery possible, fake reports , incompatable parts, I don't want to go into it all here but basically its the fields / rapid data recovery scam. Drives that should have been recovered are put at risk by a document spooling papermill, and so many lives have been affected (570 complaints to Bridgend Trading Standards is just the tip of the Iceberg, most do not know how they were scammed).

 Update:-  Since writing this article an MRI scan has confirmed a prolapsed disc in my neck is pressing on the spinal cord and reduced bloodflow to the brain.  Other vertibrae are also damaged. Stenosis and compression of the spinal cord in the neck causes nerve impulse transfer problems in the body. 

 The effect this has had on me personally, my staff and my business is worse than a data disaster. Had the correct diagnosis been made on the day of the attack I might have handled things better but I will continue to help the victims through the courts.

The High Court Injunction which brought about this situation I believe has now been discontinued but I have yet to be receive confirmation of this, although other victims have been given substantial payouts .

I too was awarded compensation on another vexatious claim brought by the Fields Group MD  read have you been mulcted !

       Get the right diagnosis and the solution is not far behind !


Or how a fake data recovery report on a broken hard drive can result in a damaged spine and a damaged business.

After many years of hearing of others personal data disasters losing data and the effects it can have on their businesses and personal lives,  I can possibly say I have heard  it all, and I personally have seen my share of it helping thousands of businesses and home users.

Be it a server room under 4 foot of water in a flood, drives damaged in earthquakes and tsunami,  to thousands of digital photos lost during a 3 month tour of the Amazon rain forest. There are many reasons access to data is lost.

Storage devices are not designed to fail, they just do and for many reasons.

Dog and cat chewed memory cards, dropped laptops, lightening strikes to electrical systems, powersurges and power outages, head crashes and seized hard drive motors, fried printed circuit boards to complete servers fire damaged in a data centre.

Common catastrophes are spillages of wine, coffee or water on laptops,  external hard drives dropped from desks, to memory sticks bent at the USB connector.

Sometimes its more straight forward, accidently and even deliberately deleted files or a botched operating system re-installation are commonplace. More unusual was the microwaved memory stick - and yes we recovered it !

Everyones story is unique, their reason for needing the data is still key to any data loss situation, and the urgency often dictates the cost, but most people are looking for the cheapest price, not realising that sometimes a cheap quote will not get them their data back just a 10 page report, and some make more money selling nothing more than paper.

We can all appreciate how losing data can break the bank but how did a hard drive result in a broken back ?.

Jamie, Daryl Matthew, Richard and Glyn the men behind the Field Group Quickie Divorces, Payment Protection Insurance and Yes Data Recovery Experts for over 12 years. Jamie now aged 28 established Fields Data Recovery whilst at School but it is how he did it that is the Fields Data Recovery Scam. .


Fields staff dominate the forums and blogs and for 10 years have gradually put their smaller rivals out of business using Welsh Assembly grants and skimming off their clients credit cards to boost their profits. Making them believe they own the law and can get away with anything.
It was already costing me substantially to compete with a company that is able to dominate Pay Per Click by bidding up the price and then selling paper using government grant assistance.


Despite offerring to help Fields, they continued to try and malign my business, so I decide if I am to be put out of business by them I will find out how they were doing it.
Bribing my staff, putting up fake posts in my name, click fraud and then a perjured affidavit claiming to get a high court injunction are just a few of the underhanded ways they operate.

When victims of Fields contact a DR company it has to be said that it could be that the recovery was not possible, but the fake reports and finger prints on platters, incompatable parts are too commonplace and Fields seem to do it routinely even when a drive should be recoverable with just minor electronic repairs.

At first I just became angry that my technicians  / business resources and time is being wasted, but after a year hearing from various victims, and seeing others going bust I decide to help those I could and in doing so attracted the wrath of the Fields Group Directors who paid their own operations manager £2500 to lie in an affidavit and secure a high court injunction based on lies.

As a result I was being sued for damages, served court documents and having threats of being put out of business but I never thought I would end up physically damaged myself. nor at the hands of an ex policeman who now ducks and dives as an  uninsured private investigator and cranial massage specialist..

I once dropped my laptop on to my toe and although the laptop was fine, the toe broke, this was the the first and only other time I have ever broken a bone in my body and it was a shock, but on that fateful day at around 8:55am on October 8th 2010 my life was again changed through an adverse act.

I was expecting someone calling that morning, even emailed to say I would be available between 8am to 9am or after 5pm having received an email from Fields in house solicitor.

Fields head of forensics Dr Dary Hamilton Wallis has been aware of the scams his companies carry out, but instead of sorting them out he allowed his young staff to defraud, threaten and abuse those they were supposedly providing services to.

Dr Daryl Hamilton Wallis

Fields Associates head of computer forensics and "expert witness" but what is the truth behind the Training Consultant for Innovation Learning and the founder of UK Digital Solutions ?

How many consumers has he ripped off exactly ? - Because it has been proven far too many times that he is the guiding force in the

"sector domination through unrelenting growth" methodology.

Why would he threaten Andy Butler with being put out of his home and business and later cancel the mediation meeting ?

Was it a coincidence that 2 days later Andy Butler was assaulted and hospitalised ?
Adrian Hill

Adrian is a former director of Fields and now a Director of Fast Track Divorce.

Q. what is the connection between Athena Forensics and Fields Associates ?

A. they operate in much the same way, much the same marketing and have been exposed for misleading consumers.

"Adrian specialises in e-commerce, Internet marketing and subliminal persuasion techniques. Adrian deals with many aspects of Digital Fraud including IP theft, unauthorised data duplication, e-mail abuse and investigation of personal computers and PDA’s. Adrian’s key area of forensics is dealing with identity theft over the Internet"
/thumbnails/ajones_4Alyn Jones

Alyn is the head technician of Fields Data Recovery so he must know about the fake data recovery reports and the defrauding of consumers surely ?.
Jamie Evans

What does Jamie Evans know about card skimming exactly ?

"Jamie specialises in international and UK white-collar financial fraud including: money laundering, offshore company formations and investment scams, correspondent banking and Internet banking fraud. As an expert in local and international anti-money laundering laws"

Why did Fields Group Ltd ship £280,000 to Thailand in 2010 really ?
Jamie Hamilton Wallis

At the ripe age of 27 Jamie is the MD to all the profitable Fields Group busiesses, he is obviously a very successful young person after founding Fields Data Recovery some 11 years ago.

But just how many of the thousands of his clients have given independant reviews ? Well I could not find one, but there are bound to be some afterall 60,000 customers a year and a 97% approval rate should convert into a few glowing testimonials since er was that 2000 or 1992 ? .

How many fake reviews and testimonials can be found on the net - dozens.

How many complaints about Fields and Rapid Data - Hundreds on the net and 570 lodged with Trading Standards in Bridgend.
/thumbnails/matt_5Mathew Jackson

Mathew Jackson - Fields Associates state he has covered 300 cases and he has expert witness status, so why has he setup Athena Forensics and Fast Track Divorce in direct competition ?
Dr Nicola Hurley Hamer

Nicola Hurley Hamer LLB is expert at well - everything !

But why would Fields staff try to cover up the Fields Data Recovery and Action Direct UK scams ?
Richard Glyn Lewis

Richard is the computer forensics and marketing guru of Fields Group.

His website richardglynlewis states he made his £million from Fields Group.

But does he think he will be able to stay in Dubai forever running his scams from the poolside ?

Knowing of the many deceptive ways Fields staff operate and the fact that only days before they had cancelled a mediation meeting I try to not allow their bullying tactics to intimidate me.

So when someone calls just as you are about to leave your home for the lab you want to be sure it is the person you have waited for surely ?

The caller was a "process server" he delivers documents, as it was, I already had a copy of the document served by email, but never mind,  ever one to oblige I wish to receive the document in the traditional manner.

So when someone unidentified asked my name, I immediately asked "who are you where are you from".

This is where it gets silly, who is in the wrong ? me for asking who this person is and what is his business,  or for not answering a stranger at my door  ?

What would you say ? " depends who is asking" or " who wants to know"

I was just matter of fact, I am wanting to be sure the grumpy man presenting himself at my house is the person I am expecting, I step out my door and stand on the driveway.
He walks towards me, repeating his question without identifying himself.

I am somewhat taken aback and back away, and repeat "who are you where are you from ?

He says my name and throws some documents on the driveway near the doorway and begins to race straight at me, I keep backing off but by now I being walked backwards down the slope and he is steering the direction keeping as close as he can to me,  but I keep repeating "who are you where are you from"?

By now I have taken several steps backwards and each time he pushes up to me, he has the chance to step around me but instead elects to keep pushing up to me and forcing me to back off.

I make no contact with him but as I get close to the top of the steepest part of the driveway I have to slow up,  I ask  "who are you where are you from"   no answer  "what are you doing here"  to which he answers " my names Michael and I am trying to get off your f'****g land " (subsequently it turns out his name is not Michael anyway, he is an ex police officer) and I suddenly I find myself being pushed on my chest with such force it lifts me off my feet and I find myself flying backwards through the air.

The slope of the driveway is very steep and I am not just falling through 90 degrees towards the ground I am falling through over 120 degrees.

At this point my shoolboy maths is trying to do the calculation whilst also trying to comprehend that this person has assaulted me:-.

Newtons Law F=ma  does not quite work here, we have an initial input force, mass, gravity, and the angle of the slope creating a futher distance to fall before impacting the block paving,  equals   " I am going to die".

At the time I could not remember what hit the ground first, but I know the first pain I felt was when my head bounced off the driveway, I continue travelling down the slope and it impacts the drive a second time and bounces and I continue sliding down on my back to the bottom.

I am screaming in pain like an injured child, shock,  fear, anger, I don't know but I cannot see who is standing over me because my glasses are no longer on my face. How long was I like this in this prone condition, I guess long enough for "Michael" to walk the 4 metres, pick up my glasses, put them on the wall and realise my wife is coming from the house.

Did he do anything else, I don't know, but as I my wife reaches me he is walking off to his car.

I get up go over to the car and as he opens the drivers door and gets in I reach the back of the car.

I move to the passengerside and open the door as he is starting the car engine, and say "you can't go I am calling th police" but he just drives off.

I call the police, the paramedics are also on their way and it dawns on me " I am alive" the pain in the head is what I am most concerned about, my skull is grazed, I have other cuts and grazes and my back hurts.

The journey by ambulance to the hospital I am told was quite eventful, I experienced a severe epileptic fit and the paramedics had to stop whilst I was stableised.

At the A&E I am checked for head injuries, the concern is I have an existing brain tumour and an MRI scan is arranged. After the all clear and treatment of the cuts and I am discharged.

I carry on with life, business and the court cases that have caused this situation, the chronic back, neck and headaches are casing me to break under the strain.

In the court hearing nearly 5 months after, I am marked down by the Judge for being an "awkward witness"  in reality I am sufferring more epileptic fits than I can cope with and just keep thinking I will be OK soon its just whiplash, despite my distressed state I come out on top and my attackers are mulcted.*

9 months after the assault I find I cannot talk properly, am still struggling to function and my businesses are suffering.

The pains in my body are debilitating, normal pain killers are ineffective, I seek help from a pain therapist, my back and neck muscles are knotted up and my body does not even feel the acupuncture needles.

After 2 months of acupuncture  my speech returining to normal, an X-Ray shows damage in the neck vertibrae and it is suspected several other vertibrae are in rotation, I await the expert opinions on the MRI scan of my spine and hope they can fix the damage.

So - there you have it " a hard drive broke my back"  and my business and its employees sufferred because of it.

What is interesting about life is when you are down on the ground, unconcious some will  kick you, when you are hurt some will take advantage, and when you are too weak to fight some will think you have given in. Luckily in my hour of need, friends and  supporters came to my aid.

Have you had a visit from a Fields Group process server and wonder why ? Or are you one of the hundreds defrauded by Fields.  Want to know how to get help in your hour of need  ?  email andy@abcdatarecovery.com

Have you had problems with your spine get more information from http://www.sci-info-pages.com/links.html