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ACR Data Recovery

ACR Data Recovery
Address: 4487-B Park Drive
Norcross, GA 30093
Postcode: GA3 2ER
Town/City: Birmingham
Type: Data Recovery Company
Website: Visit Website
Telephone: Toll Free 1-800-444-3225 or 1-770-925-4420
ACR data recovery is one of the leading companies that specializes in getting back any kind of deleted, lost, corrupt, and damaged document, image, music, and video file. Solutions range from do it yourself software to data recovery services.

What you'll find unique about ACR is that it also promotes its competitors. As the founder of ACR, Ken Roberts says, "There's not one best data recovery software or service. All have their merits. It's our job at ACR to help victims of data loss recover everything, whether that means using our products or some other company's...I know what what's out there and what we can do; and we will do whatever it takes to recover the data."

Having helped create and transform the data recovery industry, Ken is known for developing the most powerful data recovery software worldwide, Media Tools Professional. With one of a kind functions like Reverse-Clone, which can extract data from any failing media regardless of the operating system, it stands out as the ultimate tool to recover data without having to use more expensive hardware and cleanroom technologies.

In 2003 ACR data recovery expanded its operations overseas and has developed the less technical RecoverSoft series to reach a broader market. Soon thereafter, ACR assets were bought out. Since then, ACR has maintained its website to continue promoting the technologies it developed and other leading data recovery software and services.
ACR Data Recovery

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