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Get the Best Quote for hard drive repair, usb stick and flash memory card recovery, RAID and disaster recovery by calling Andy and the team at R3 Data Recovery.

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Is you hard drive buzzing,clicking, ticking or seized ? RAID array failed ? USB Stick or Memory Card cannot be accessed ? SSD Drive worn out ? Contact the data recovery experts at R3 - Call 0800 999 3282

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Bad Sectors
Bad Sectors
Bad Sectors:- Hard drives and solid state memory store their data in blocks known as sectors. If a sector is unable to be read it can affect the integrity of the file using that sector rendering it...
Data Solutions UK Hard drive Repair
Data Solutions UK Hard drive Repair
Data Solutions UK was founded in 2007 and helped build  the first high capacity Data Recovery lab  in the UK to achieve IS0-3 clean room certification. ...
Data Solutions Uk Ltd Sheffield
Data Solutions Uk Ltd Sheffield
Data Solutions UK Established in 2007 the company is involved in  the repair and recovery of data from failed servers, hard drives and solid state storage devices. The company...
USB Flash Drives
USB Flash Drives
What Is A USB Flash Drive? A USB flash drive is a storage device which currently holds between 64Mb and 64GB of data. The type of memory used is NAND flash memory and connects to the computer via...
One of the many sites setup by victims of Fields
A Hard Drive Broke My Back !
A hard drive broke my back ! - But I am in Recovery Mode ! Andy Butler has rebuilt his data recovery operations after being attacked by Fields Associates process server during their serving of a...
Accidently Deleted Or Formatted Volumes
Accidently Deleted Or Formatted Volumes
Recovering From Accidently Deleted Or Formatted Volumes    When you create a volume on a disk you reserve an area on the disk and then map it out according to the method the...
Exchange Pst And Edb And Email Recovery
Exchange Pst And Edb And Email Recovery
Microsoft Exchange stores your domains email in a database (edb) Outlook stores your email in personal storage table (pst) An individual email file has the extention.eml
Imaging Data
Imaging Data
Imaging of data especially after a hard drive crash can help recover bad sectors and repair file corruption. Imaging is the process of making either an exact or in the case of data recovery an...
NAND  NAND memory is primarily used in memory cards , USB flash drives , solid-state drives , and similar products, for general storage and transfer of data. In order to...
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